Why You Might Not Believe in Green Pest Control (& Why You Should)

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We’re now living in a world where more and more people understand the importance of being ‘green’. And we think that’s awesome, especially in regards to the pest control industry!

The toxins used in conventional pest control are extremely damaging, latten with negative health risks, and have lasting effects on ecosystems. So, when someone chooses a truly green pest control company, they’re making a positive change for their family, their community and the planet.

Exposure to chemicals in conventional pest control can cause asthma, cancer, reproductive disorders, neurological damage and other health problems. And that’s just the impact on people - the impact on the environment can be just as catastrophic. As a result, more pest control companies out there are starting to offer ‘green’ alternatives to conventional pest control solutions.

Sometimes green pest control gets a bad reputation. (Trust us, we’re well aware how many folks don’t believe green pest control will work.) Even many traditional companies who offer 'green' will admit their green services are not as effective, or simply don’t work.

But WHY? Luckily, this myth that ‘green doesn’t work’ can be really easily explained - and debunked.

Companies that use green products and conventional pesticides (which include very toxic chemicals) use both families of products through the same equipment, causing them to come in contact with each other. And therein lies the problem.

When green pest control products are mixed with traditional pest control products, the green products are nullified and rendered useless. In a nutshell, that’s why companies that offer both options simply don’t deliver results with their green services. These companies are also coming out to treat less often than truly green pest control companies. That makes it more likely that pests will come back to your home. 

But (and this is a big but!), when a pest control company is truly green, the results you get are not only better for you, your pets, your family and the environment, they’re also often more effective. Here’s why:

Green pest control doesn’t just treat pests, it looks at root cause analysis. It looks at how it can prevent infestations with non-chemical treatments and only then considers which products to use and introduces as little product as possible.

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is a pest control strategy that considers the lifecycle, behaviors and attractants of a pest and can either be used as a standalone pest control strategy or with products and treatments.

The main aspects of IPM are inspection, monitoring, education and prevention. Read our full blog on Integrated Pest Management by clicking here.

When products and treatments are used, they’re often more targeted towards the pest you’re trying to remove, as opposed to just wiping out everything it touches. 

For example, our mosquito traps eliminate mosquitoes by disrupting their lifecycle. Simply put, these traps stop mosquitoes eggs from developing within 400 square meters. However, they don’t harm birds, bees, butterflies or other beneficial insects. These traps can be paired with our botanical-based sprays and mists to eliminate mosquitoes on contact.

Similarly, our Sentricon termite baiting systems only eliminate (but don’t attract) termites.

Natran is delighted to offer green pest control to people and businesses in Houston and Austin, Texas. We use effective botanical-based products, as well as IPM strategies to prevent and remove pests.

We can come out to you as soon as tomorrow for your free inspection, and we’re so confident in our services that we offer you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. To learn more about our services, click here.

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