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We are in the last leg of summer with cooler temperatures in sight. In Texas that means we begin to get out and enjoy the cool weather, open the windows to feel the breeze and listen to the wind in the trees. However, just as we are looking to spend a little more time outdoors after a hot summer, those pests are looking for warm shelter for the winter and fall in the nooks and crannies of your home.

We all know the issues pests can create in our homes, whether it’s some kind of bug that plagues us or a rodent in the attic or wall, we have all dealt with pests trying to intrude our homes in the cooler months. We understand why fall pest control is so important, the problems that arise and a plan to knock out the problem.

Let’s start with termites and ants. Two of the most common home invaders. These microscopic enemies breach your home’s defenses and build colonies in your walls, burrow into your wood, making vast pathways through support beams and framing. Many homeowners don’t even see the destruction until it’s too late, and they are looking at thousands of dollars of repairs–if they can repair at all. For their size these pests can be the most destructive.

Nasty rodents get into your walls, chew on wires, nibble on sheet rock, wake you up at night with that annoying scratching in the attic, etc. So, besides being a nasty, hairy, disease carrying rodent, they will also create problems with your electric, phone, internet, and television wiring and overall comfort just to name a few. Typically these problems are hard track down, hidden in your walls, and can cost a lot to fix. If you’ve ever paid an electrician to do anything, you know they’re not cheap. Most of the time unfortunately you won’t know of the issue until one of the dreadful signs above is apparent. Be wary of early signs to eliminate the problem.

Fall home invaders also bring viruses and disease. Especially for those with children, who already spend these months battling colds and viruses. The not so lovable cockroach loves bacteria and decay. When he is done dragging his shiny brown body through the sewer pipe, he is happy to crawl into your flour bag, or over the silverware in your drawer. The worst part is, many times you don’t even know it. Your children get sick with the flu, and you think it is just the season, unaware that the problem is being brought into your home by a fall invader.

Next let’s touch on those biting insects, like: spiders, wasps, fleas, and ticks. They love a nice warm place to spend winter. They get you while you’re sleeping. They get you while you’re relaxing on the deck. They get you while you’re cozy on the couch. Insect bites are worse in fall, because there are more of them. And, because you’re warm, friendly home, looks appealing to them. The buggers don’t just target the humans in your home they love your pets just as much.

We can’t forget about the whole slew of bugs that don’t necessarily cause you any issues, they are just plain annoying. Ladybugs, stink bugs, crickets, silverfish, centipedes, cluster flies, and are some prime examples.

Bugs and rodents are looking for a place to hibernate for the fall/winter months. They will turn your healthy home into a cesspool. So while you may not see them out as often as they were all summer, believe us they are still close by. A pest treatment will take care of your yard, treat your home and surrounding area and create a deterrent to keep those critters away. Our professionals here at Natran have training on how to seal your house and treat the inside and outside of your home, especially in hard to reach places, like the roof line and third story window frames.

With proper fall maintenance you can keep your home and your family safe, and bug free. You have enough to worry about. Don’t let those bugs, bug you. Leave your pest control worries to the professionals.

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