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What to pour down the drain to kill roaches

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We’ve all been there. We stumble into the bathroom first thing in the morning or wander into the kitchen to make our coffee and spot a cockroach sitting in the sink or bathtub.

What an unpleasant way to start the day!

The good news is that you can pour certain substances down the drain to kill roaches and stop them from taking over your home. Learn about the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions below.

Cockroach species that sneak in through drains

The German cockroach and brown-banded cockroach are two of the most common cockroach species that Texans find in their homes.

However, you may also spot American cockroaches in your sinks or showers. This species is particularly drawn to wet and humid locations and often resides in sewer systems.  

How do cockroaches get into your home?

It’s a common misconception that cockroaches only show up in dirty homes. While infrequent cleaning (especially sweeping up crumbs and taking out the trash) can create an environment that’s hospitable to roaches, these pests can also creep into the cleanest homes.

Remember that cockroaches love damp places, such as pipes, sewers, and drains.

Roaches can easily enter your house through the plumbing and sewer lines. They can even use pipes to travel between neighboring apartments.

Sewers or drains can also serve as popular entry points for cockroaches. Even positive changes, such as repairs to your building’s sewer system, can allow displaced roaches to slip inside.

How to stop cockroaches from using your pipes

You might not be able to control your city’s entire sewer system. However, you can take steps to control the pipes transferring water and waste into and out of your home. 

The following are some of the most effective strategies to stop cockroaches from entering the house through the plumbing and sewer lines.

Seal cracks and holes in pipes

Cockroaches can easily crawl through cracks or holes in your pipes. Inspect all pipes carefully with a flashlight to identify potential entry points. Then, seal the cracks and holes with caulk.

Fill gaps around pipes

It’s also critical to fill in the gaps around pipes -- the opening in the wall where they enter the house.

Fill gaps around the pipes with silicone or urethane foam. You can use steel wool or copper mesh around larger holes (then follow up with foam) for added protection.

Repair faucet leaks

Leaky faucets (and leaks in general) create moisture, which is like a calling card for cockroaches. If you notice a faucet or pipe is leaking, repair it right away.   

Insulate condensation-prone pipes

If you notice condensation has a tendency to build up on certain pipes (also known as a sweating pipe), insulate them with specialized foam and tape.

Insulation reduces the risk of dripping or flooding. It also helps to protect your home from cockroaches by blocking convenient entrances.

Install trap primers

A trap primer detects when there’s no water present in the U-shaped portion of your pipes. If the device detects a lack of water, it will release a small amount to refill it.

How does this help you keep roaches away?

Remember that although cockroaches love moisture and humidity, they are notoriously bad swimmers. Too much water prevents them from getting where they want to go.

When you keep water in the trap, you stop cockroaches in their tracks. Consider asking a plumber to install one at each water supply source in your home or building.

Keep counters clean

Cockroaches are more likely to be drawn to your home if they know they’ll have easy access to food sources.

To make your house less inviting, make it a priority to keep your kitchen and bathroom counters clean.

Avoid leaving food sitting out overnight. Sweep or vacuum up crumbs each night, too, and wipe up spills with a damp cloth.

Use the right sink cleaner

The strong scent of cleaners like Pine-Sol or Fabuloso often repels cockroaches.

If you prefer to use a more natural solution, you can also look for cleaners scented with essential oils. Cockroaches especially dislike the following scents-

  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Wintergreen oils
  • Cloves
  • Cinnamon.

Clean your sink every night with your product of choice to eliminate food residue and deter roaches. Run the garbage disposal as well to prevent waste from building up in the drain. 

Cover drains at night

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures and often crawl into your drains at night.

Cover the drains every night before bed to prevent them from entering through the drain and venturing further into your home. A rubber stopper or metal drain screen is a simple yet effective solution to keeping roaches at bay. 

Close trash cans tightly

Always close trash can lids tightly and avoid letting waste build up for too many days in a row. 

Roaches are attracted to the scent of garbage (especially rotting food). If it’s easy for them to access your trash (i.e., there’s no lid or it’s not properly secured), they’ll be more motivated to find ways into the house.  

What to pour down the drain to kill roaches

You can also pour certain substances down the drain to kill roaches before they have a chance to cause mayhem in your home. Here are some of the safest and most effective solutions to utilize:

Boiling water

One of the simplest ways to kill roaches that might be using your drains as an access point is to pour boiling water down the drain. Let warm water run for a few minutes, then follow up with 3-4 cups of boiling water.


The mineral borax (sodium borate) is frequently used in cleaning powders, laundry detergents, and cosmetics. It can also kill cockroaches if they ingest it.

Borax sticks to cockroaches’ legs because of static electricity. When cockroaches try to clean themselves, they digest the powder and are poisoned. Borax also destroys the exoskeleton and makes it more vulnerable to dehydration.

Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth is made by grinding fossilized shells into a fine powder. It’s non-toxic to pets and humans, but it can kill insects by breaking down their exoskeletons.

You can easily apply diatomaceous earth to cracks, outlets, and gaps that might allow cockroaches to enter the house. You can also sprinkle it behind appliances, under furniture, and outdoors. Be sure to reapply it regularly for the best results.

Baking soda and vinegar

Baking soda and white vinegar are popular, all-natural cleaning supplies. You can use them on several surfaces throughout your home, including in your sink drains, to kill cockroaches and eliminate lingering odors.

Start with ¼ cup of baking soda. Pour it down the drain, then follow with ½ cup of vinegar. Pour boiling water down the drain a few minutes later to clear it.

Do not pour bleach down the drain

Some people assume that bleach is a good solution to get rid of cockroaches. After all, it’s used in many different cleaning products. 

While you can use bleach sprays to kill stray roaches crawling across the floor, it’s not recommended that you pour bleach down the drain.

Pouring plain bleach down the drain can release toxic fumes that harm you and your loved ones. It can also cause serious damage to your plumbing system.

When to call a pest control professional

A general rule of thumb is that you should call a pest control professional the first time you see a roach in your home (even if it’s a dead roach). Where there’s one roach, there is almost certainly more.

A pest control technician can inspect your home to identify cockroach entry points and help you understand the severity of the current infestation. They will also treat your home using special, highly effective solutions to eliminate existing roaches and prevent additional ones from trying to break in.

If you see a roach, you should call a professional immediately. However, you may also want to contact an expert if you see any of the following warning signs:  

You notice a musty smell

Cockroaches, especially Oriental cockroaches, are known for their robust and musty smell. If you notice this smell in your home, cockroaches could be the source.

You spot cockroach droppings

Cockroach droppings look like ground black pepper or coffee grounds. You will likely spot these tiny piles if cockroaches have infested your home. 

You see flakes of cockroach skins   

Cockroaches shed their skins several times throughout their life cycle. You may notice pieces of these skins throughout your home, especially the longer an infestation lasts.

Keep roaches away with Natran Green Pest Control

If you’re tired of spotting cockroaches in your sink or bathtub, follow the guidelines discussed above. They’ll help you stop cockroaches from using your pipes to enter your home and give you peace of mind. 

For more help preventing roaches from infesting your home in other ways, reach out to us at Natran Green Pest Control. We offer safe, hygienic, and eco-friendly pest control solutions and connect you with skilled and experienced technicians.
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