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Sometimes, when it’s that time of year, and all the mosquitoes are out in numbers, it feels like they’re trying to eat us. However, like many insects, mosquitoes are pretty low on the food chain, so there are actually a lot more things that want to make a meal out of them. 

Whether it’s a frog or a bat, there are lots of animals that enjoy a snack of mosquitoes, but so do some insects. If you’ve ever wondered what insects eat mosquitos, read on! You might be surprised at some of the mosquito-chomping bugs on this list. 

Many small insects cavort on the lakeshore of Lake Constance


They look like tiny attack helicopters, and they’ve been on the planet for millions of years. However, while modern dragonflies are much smaller than their prehistoric ancestors, they’re still fantastic hunters. 

Dragonflies love to eat mosquitos, and they’re particularly fond of their larvae, which they eat from puddles and ponds before they ever turn into the bloodsuckers we all love to hate! 

Mosquito Hawks

Mosquito hawks (also known as crane flies and daddy longlegs) look a lot like mosquitos, but they also love to eat them. 

However, while mosquito hawks are definitely one of the answers to what eats mosquitoes, they also don’t eat them in their adult form. Instead, like the dragonfly, they like to eat mosquito larvae before they ever turn into flying pests. 


Yes, they’re not insects, but we still think they fall into the category of creepy crawlies, and they belong on this list. 

Many types of spiders love to eat other insects, and they’re very high on the list of what eats mosquitos. In fact, it’s estimated that all the spiders in the world eat about 800 million tons of insects every year! 

Damsel Flies

Damselflies look a little like dragonflies, but they’re smaller and thinner. They are also on the list of what insects eats mosquitos, though, and they’ve also been around for a very, very long time. 

These insects love insects so much that they’re second on their list of insect delicacies. Only flies are more popular with these tiny mosquito-eating machines. 

Like dragonflies, damsel flies do their mosquito hunting near bodies of water, which is also where you find mosquitos and their larvae. 

Other Mosquitos

Yes, there are mosquitos that love to eat other mosquitos. So you can add cannibalistic mosquitos to the list of what insect eats mosquitos.

One of the most prominent mosquito-eating species is Toxorhynchites, and they’re known to feed on other mosquitos in both their juvenile larval and adult forms. 

Can Insects Keep Your Mosquito Problem At Bay?

One of the reasons you might be wondering what inset eats mosquitos is that you might be hoping they can keep the mosquitos away from you this year. 

Unfortunately, none of the insects or other animals that eat mosquitoes do a good enough job of keeping mosquitoes away from you and your home. 

Mosquitos are such prolific breeders that even if all the creatures in the pond are snacking on them at various stages of their development, you’re still going to have them buzzing around your home. 

How to Attract More Mosquito Eating Insects to Your Garden

While you probably won’t get rid of all the mosquitos that are making your life miserable in the summertime, you can do a few things to attract more mosquito-eating insects like dragonflies and damselflies to your garden. These things include:

  • Plant more dragonfly-friendly plants, like Meadow Sage, Black-Eyed Susan, and White Yarrow
  • If you have a body of water in your backyard, you can also choose plants that like water, like Wild Celery, Cat Tails, and Water Lilies
  • Generally, dragonflies love flowers and they like shrubs and bushes to hide out in when they’re not hovering over the water in your fishpond
  • Avoid using hazardous chemicals in your garden – they could be leaching into the soil and water. Since dragonflies and other insect larvae also hatch underwater, you might be killing the insects that could keep the mosquitos at bay without realizing it! 
  • Add some dragonfly “perches” to your yard – these are tall stakes in the sun, where dragonflies can rest their wings for a while before they resume their hovering over any water in your garden
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