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We have all heard the scary tales of cockroaches surviving nuclear bombs, living for days without food and that they are so smart they can evade pest control. What’s true and what’s not? Here are 5 facts about cockroaches you may or may not want to know.

1. Roaches are faster than you – You are in great shape. In fact, you can run 6 miles per hour, so why is it when you go to stomp that roach it outruns you? The insects have six very flexible legs, lightning reflexes and can run 3 miles per hour. If roaches were the size of a human that would factor out to 200 miles per hour but since they are small and fast they can outrun, you and have plenty of secret hiding places to escape to.

2. Roaches can Remember – No, they won’t be able to tell you where you left your keys but they can develop memories. Scientist discovered that by the use of odor and sugar solutions. The cockroaches would salivate when the odor was present and given a sugar substance. But when the odor was present minus the sugary substance they still salivated. Forming conditioned reflexes requires memory and learning capacity, abilities linked to intelligence, and this kind of salivating response was previously proven only in humans, apes, dogs and other mammals.

3. Off with their heads – They myth is true; roaches can live for weeks without their heads. Roaches breath through tiny holes in their bodies and have a simple circulatory system allowing them to survive without a head. But not for long. Eventually the insect will die from starvation. Without a head they are not able to eat.

4. Roaches love beer – It’s true that roaches enjoy happy hour just as much as we do. These insects enjoy to feed on hops, sugar and alcohol. Not to worry though, too much alcohol is lethal to them so you could even use it as a natural roach killer if you prefer. Although it could get messy.

5. People eat them – Yes we said it, roaches are edible! In many cultures they are considered a delicacy. Around the globe people enjoy these protein-packed insects. In Asian bars they serve fried roaches as a snack. We surely hope this doesn’t start trending in Texas.

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