This Cool Front Feels Great, But What’s That Smell?

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Add stink bugs to the list of pests who enjoy the comforts of your home in the cooler months of the year. Luckily these critters don’t carry the germs a lot of their counter parts do. BUT they do pack quite the stinky punch if you decide to put them out of their misery inside your home. Here’s a few tips that will help you battle the stinky creatures through the fall and winter.

1. Block entry points
Inspect the exterior of your home for stink bug access points such as areas around siding, utility pipes, behind chimneys, and under wood fascia or other openings. Seal any cracks and holes using a good quality silicone or caulk.

2. Check your screens and window seals
Inspect your screens and make sure your windows are closed completely as this is a common entry point. Don’t forget to check for torn weather-stripping and loose mortar. You can also install door sweeps if necessary.

3. Keep outdoor lighting to a minimum
Stink bugs like many other bugs are attracted to lights, so it’s recommended to keep outdoor lighting to a minimum.

4. Reduce moisture
Eliminating all moisture buildup around your home can help prevent many pest infestations, including stink bugs.

5. Don’t squash those stink bugs unless…
You want to know why they are called stink bugs. When disturbed or crushed, stink bugs have a tendency to release a bad odor from pores on the sides of their bodies.

6. Your vacuum can be of use
If stink bugs have already entered a home, use a vacuum cleaner for their removal. Their smell clings to moving parts, and any vacuum attachments you used, acting as a filter if you will. A handheld vacuum might work best.

Remember that homes can be pre-treated for are pests including stink bugs before they become a problem. If you suspect an infestation in your home has already developed, contact Natran today to eliminate the issue.

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