The Red Wasp Invasion

Red wasps are another one of summer’s pesky visitors. With the fear of being stung they can ruin any backyard fun. Not to mention they love to nest on your home making your house look dirty. Here is some info on the red wasp and how you can keep them from making your home their home.

Also known as Paper Wasps for the paper-like nest they build around entryways of your home, these wasps are usually found in the south-central parts of the United States. They are reddish-brown color and have slim-waisted bodies and can be anywhere from ¾ to 1 inch in length.

Red wasps can build their nest in several areas of your home including branches of trees, in shrubs, along eaves, on tops of windows and door-frames, under or on your deck frame.

Although not aggressive, red wasps will sting if they feel threatened. Wasp stings are very common and can be very painful. If not allergic you should only experience pain and swelling at the area you were stung. Unlike some stinging insects, wasps can sting you multiple times.

To prevent red wasps from invading your home be sure to do the following:

Trim shrubs around your yard and keep your grass cut regularly.
If you have a deck treat it with an oil repellent that deter wasp from building a nest or gathering.
Use a wasps and hornet insecticide.
If you do find a nest it is best to remove the nest at night when the wasps are sleeping. Your first defense is prevention. Natran recommends monthly inspections to keep your home healthy from pest.

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