Larry Dudek

I could not be happier with the ease of setting up my services and the lack of pressure when deciding which services I wanted completed. Communication was great and thorough. On the day of my service, Damon Moore called about 30 minutes prior to arriving to confirm his arrival time. Damon is professional, courteous and thorough with his work. Thanks for a great experience and look forward to your ongoing monitoring of the service.

Arianna Kane

Excellent service!

tien le

The manager Adan and representative Kate are big help to explain and show us what can be done. And where the rodent start

Jackie Lee

Natran is a great green company to use when you don’t want the chemicals of traditional pest control to be in or outside your home. We chose Natran to have peace of mind about our health and the health of our animals. We love them so far!

Jay Smith

Natran professionals are always courteous and thorough. Their products and services are highest quality and environmentally safe but very effective.

Fyza Hashim

I’ve been using natran for a few years now and can’t recommend them enough! Today, our technician, Damon, came by and confirmed that we have termites. He informed us on the signs, gave us a plan of attack, and promised to be with us every step of the way. I have confidence that he and Natran will take care of us and make our home pest free.

Gwendolyn Richard

I love the courteous and professionalism of the technician

Anna I Peña

Termite System Installation - Damon was punctual, polite, friendly, professional, answered all our questions. All in all, we were very pleased. Thank you, Damon.

Natalie Freeman

Juan arrived at our home and was very professional And knowledgable!

Kevin Harris

Damion is the BEST!

C. R. V.

Chris is a great technician. He used to service us when we lived in Houston. It was a pleasant surprise to have him perform our fist in-home service at our new home in Conroe.

George Dragonir

Great Professional Service!

The Environmental Effects of Pesticides

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Pesticides are designed to kill pests and they’re often very effective. But the scary truth is that they can also cause a lot of harm to plant life, our pets, our families, to wildlife, and to the planet. 

Many people are now looking for alternatives to pesticides or natural pesticides as they’re becoming more and more aware of the effects of the toxins in pest control on the planet, their communities, and their home, family, and pets.

In today’s blog, we’re going to be looking at some environmental impacts pesticides have on wildlife, pets, and people.

The Effects of Pesticides on Wildlife

The impact pesticides have on wildlife can be truly devastating. These chemicals can make their way into soil and waterways, having adverse effects on wildlife for months and, in some cases, even years. Contaminated waterways are particularly damaging for fish and birds.

A study by Dr. Tyrone Hayes has shown that the pesticide atrazine can actually change the gender of tadpoles. He found that 10% of male tadpoles that lived in atrazine contaminated water became females, growing ovaries in their testes. While they were still technically male genetically, they could mate as females!

Sadly, the extent of the damage to wildlife doesn’t stop there. Pesticides that are sprayed onto plants can quickly kill bees, but pesticides which are put into soil or seeds can make their way into nectar, pollen, and leaves. 

When bees come into contact with pesticides this way, it can cause them lasting damage, including giving them wing paralysis, vomiting, and uncoordinated movement. If a bee is poisoned and doesn’t die immediately, it can take the poison back to its colony, causing it to be completely wiped out.

Because bees pollinate around 70% crops, the impact of pesticides on bees could have a disastrous effect on agriculture across the world. 

The Effects of Pesticides on Pets

Pesticides in the home present a very real risk to pets. Pets are part of the family, so the idea of them coming to any harm can be really distressing. 

There are two main threats to pets when it comes to pesticides. The first is your pet becoming ill after coming into contact with chemicals (e.g. by eating them/breathing them in). The second is your pet coming into contact with a poisoned pest, e.g. a rodent, and becoming unwell by proxy.

Dogs are most commonly affected by pesticides in the home. They can experience chemical burns, issues with the nervous system, heart, liver, kidney problems, and more after coming into contact with pesticides.

The Effects of Pesticides on People

Whether it’s pesticides from pest control at your home or from eating food that has been grown with pesticides, it’s highly likely that most of us have been exposed to at least low doses of pesticides.

The exact effect of pesticides on people aren’t entirely known, but it’s said that pesticides are linked to the following diseases and conditions in humans:

  • Alzheimers
  • Sterility
  • Asthma
  • ADHD
  • Cancer
  • Impaired vision
  • Hormone imbalances

The extent to which you’re exposed to pesticides will depend on factors like where you live and what you eat. But, when you’re exposed to pesticides, you likely won’t know about it at all.

We’re delighted to offer the people of Houston and Austin green pest control solutions with our plant-based products. Our environmentally-conscious solutions are effective, fast, and significantly reduce the amount of toxic chemicals entering your home and the environment. Learn more about the green pest control solutions we offer by clicking here.

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