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I could not be happier with the ease of setting up my services and the lack of pressure when deciding which services I wanted completed. Communication was great and thorough. On the day of my service, Damon Moore called about 30 minutes prior to arriving to confirm his arrival time. Damon is professional, courteous and thorough with his work. Thanks for a great experience and look forward to your ongoing monitoring of the service.

Arianna Kane

Excellent service!

tien le

The manager Adan and representative Kate are big help to explain and show us what can be done. And where the rodent start

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Natran is a great green company to use when you don’t want the chemicals of traditional pest control to be in or outside your home. We chose Natran to have peace of mind about our health and the health of our animals. We love them so far!

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Natran professionals are always courteous and thorough. Their products and services are highest quality and environmentally safe but very effective.

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I’ve been using natran for a few years now and can’t recommend them enough! Today, our technician, Damon, came by and confirmed that we have termites. He informed us on the signs, gave us a plan of attack, and promised to be with us every step of the way. I have confidence that he and Natran will take care of us and make our home pest free.

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I love the courteous and professionalism of the technician

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Termite System Installation - Damon was punctual, polite, friendly, professional, answered all our questions. All in all, we were very pleased. Thank you, Damon.

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Juan arrived at our home and was very professional And knowledgable!

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Damion is the BEST!

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Chris is a great technician. He used to service us when we lived in Houston. It was a pleasant surprise to have him perform our fist in-home service at our new home in Conroe.

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The Economic Impact of Pests in Urban Homes

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Hey there, urban dwellers! Let’s talk about something that might bug you—literally. Yep, we’re diving into the world of pests and their not-so-friendly impact on our homes and wallets. From creepy crawlies to pesky rodents, these uninvited guests can wreak havoc on our urban sanctuaries in more ways than one. So, grab a cup of coffee and settle in as we explore the economic implications of sharing our living spaces with these unwanted critters.

The Key Types of Urban Home Pests

First things first, let’s get acquainted with our tiny adversaries. In the concrete jungles we call home, pests come in all shapes and sizes. From cockroaches and ants to bed bugs and rodents, each brings its own set of challenges to the table.


These resilient critters can survive almost anything and are experts at hiding in the darkest corners of your home. Not only are they unsightly, but they can also contaminate food and trigger allergies.


While individual ants might not seem like a big deal, a whole colony can quickly become a nuisance. They can invade your kitchen, pantry, and even your bathroom, causing all sorts of headaches.

Bed Bugs:

The mere mention of bed bugs is enough to send shivers down anyone's spine. These blood-sucking pests are notoriously difficult to get rid of and can turn your peaceful night's sleep into a nightmare.


Rats and mice are not only destructive—they're also carriers of disease. From chewing through wires to contaminating food supplies, these furry intruders can cause all sorts of trouble.

The Direct Economic Impact of Pests

Now, let’s talk money. The presence of pests in urban homes can lead to significant financial losses. Take food contamination, for example. When pests like cockroaches or rodents get cozy in your kitchen, they can spoil food supplies, leading to frequent replacements and wasted groceries.

Then there’s the damage to property. Termites, for instance, are notorious for munching on wooden structures, causing structural damage that can be costly to repair. And if you think bed bugs are just a minor inconvenience, think again. Getting rid of these blood-sucking pests often requires professional intervention, which comes with a hefty price tag.

Food Contamination:

Pests like cockroaches and rodents love to feast on your groceries. They can spoil food supplies and contaminate surfaces, leading to frequent replacements and wasted money.

Property Damage:

Termites are perhaps the most notorious culprits when it comes to property damage. These wood-munching pests can wreak havoc on your home’s structure, leading to costly repairs.

Professional Extermination:

Getting rid of pests often requires professional intervention, which can be expensive. Whether it’s hiring an exterminator or investing in specialized equipment, the costs can add up quickly.

Cost of Do-It-Yourself Pest Control Solutions

Feeling brave enough to tackle the pests yourself? While the DIY approach might seem cost-effective at first glance, it’s not always the most efficient solution. Sure, you can pick up a can of bug spray or set out traps, but these temporary fixes often fail to address the root of the problem.

Not to mention the time and effort involved in DIY pest control. It’s a constant battle, requiring regular maintenance and vigilance to keep those critters at bay. And let’s face it, time is money—time spent dealing with pests is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Impact on the Housing and Real Estate Markets

But wait, there’s more. The presence of pests in urban homes can also have broader implications for the housing and real estate markets. Nobody wants to buy or rent a property that comes with an unwanted pest population.

For homeowners looking to sell, a pest infestation can significantly decrease the value of their property. It’s not exactly a selling point, after all. And for landlords, dealing with pest issues can lead to tenant turnover and reputation damage, ultimately affecting their bottom line.

Property Value:

A pest infestation can significantly decrease the value of a property. Nobody wants to buy or rent a home that comes with a pest problem, so sellers may have to lower their asking price to attract buyers.

Tenant Turnover:

For landlords, dealing with pest issues can lead to tenant turnover and reputation damage. Nobody wants to live in a building that’s infested with bugs or rodents, so tenants may choose to move out rather than deal with the problem.

Legal Issues:

In some cases, pest infestations can lead to legal issues between landlords and tenants. If a landlord fails to address a pest problem in a timely manner, tenants may have grounds to take legal action.

Recommendations for Future Action

So, what’s the solution? How can we protect our urban homes and wallets from the economic impact of pests? Here are a few recommendations for future action:

  1. Invest in Prevention: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, as the saying goes. Seal up cracks and crevices, keep food storage areas clean and tidy, and invest in regular pest inspections to catch problems before they escalate.
  2. Professional Intervention: Sometimes DIY methods just don’t cut it. If you’re dealing with a persistent pest problem, don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. They have the expertise and tools necessary to tackle even the toughest infestations.
  3. Educate Yourself: Knowledge is power. Take the time to learn about common urban pests, their habits, and how to prevent them from invading your home. The more you know, the better equipped you’ll be to deal with any unwelcome visitors.
  4. Collaborate with Neighbors: Pests don’t respect property lines. Work together with your neighbors to address pest issues collectively, whether it’s sharing information or pooling resources for professional pest control services.

In Conclusion

The economic impact of pests in urban homes is nothing to scoff at. From direct financial losses to broader implications for the housing market, these tiny intruders can pack a powerful punch. But with proactive prevention, timely intervention, and a bit of community collaboration, we can keep our homes pest-free and our wallets intact. So, here’s to a bug-free future, one urban home at a time!

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