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It’s summer time and you are enjoying spending time on the patio, having BBQs with neighbors and friends and busy swatting at pesky house flies. As mercury climbs, so does the activity and population levels of the house fly.

Flies breeding locations include warm, moist areas such as manure, garbage and decaying vegetables and fruits. Flies eggs hatch in as little as three days and mature rapidly.

Flies live and feed on animal waste, garbage and rotting food making them the dirtiest pest. They can carry bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella and viruses that can cause diarrhea, food poisoning and eye infections. They can transfer bacteria and disease by coming in contact with food or preparation surfaces.

Flies primarily live outdoors, but given the opportunity to come inside and feed on your fresh food, they will do so. To keep house flies from invading your home the key is to prevent access.

Here are 6 tips for keeping the most disgusting pest outside where they belong.

Seal cracks around windows and doors where flies can enter.
Install screens on windows, doors and dryer vents.
On the exterior, regular removal (at least once a week) and disposal of organic waste, including dog feces and rotting fruit, reduces the attractiveness of the area to adult flies and limits their breeding sites.
Garbage and recycling items should not be allowed to accumulate and should be placed in sealed plastic bags and in containers with tight-fitting lids.
Garbage and recycling containers should also be placed as far from your home as possible and should be emptied regularly.
Cover food that is indoors and outdoors at all times and be sure to clean up any food spills.
Please contact Natran if you have a problem with a house fly invasion.

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