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Natran Green Pest Control is dedicated to reducing the amount of chemicals Texas families are exposed to every day.

Botanically-Based solutions are the name of the game for Natran Green Pest Control's certified technicians, and their expertise will reflect in quality of work!

  Free Inspections

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

No Cross-Contamination

  Locally Owned and Operated

  Plant Based Ingredients

  Catch and Release Wildlife Whenever Possible

Gentle for Children and Pets


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Humane and Effective Live Animal Control

Animals such as rats, mice, opossums, bats and birds would love to enjoy the warmth of your home (or commercial property). If you think you may have an uninvited visitor, it’s imperative to care of the problem before they multiply and cause more damage to your property.

We specialize in humane, euthanasia-free wildlife control services and low-impact, reduced-risk solutions for rodent control (rats and mice).

Our proven process cares for and prevents rodent infestation.

We screen or seal potential entry and exit points. Traps will be set to capture any critter that is left inside. We will do follow-up visits to assure the problem is corrected. We will stand behind the service and warranty it for an entire year.

Warranty extensions are available on all services, and all active warranties can be transferred to new homeowners in cases of a post-service move of the original customer(s).

Additionally, we are capable of controlling the exterior population by baiting. We are a green company and are very conscientious about the products that we use. It’s our dedicated mission to protect people, pets and our planet!

The Natran Difference

  • Smart, responsible and guaranteed pest protection
  • Sustainable, low-impact solutions for minimal risk to our planet
  • Botanically based GREEN repellents to protect people and pets
  • Customized pest protection plan designed just for your home
  • Flexible same- and next-day appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited warranty on all pest protection plans
  • Year-round service and full warranty for non-stop coverage
  • In business for more than a dozen years and growing
  • Rated as Houston’s Pest & Termite Control Best Pick for 8 consecutive years
  • Locally owned and operated in the Greater Houston Metro Area
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Rodent Control in Houston Texas

Natran Green Pest Control has proudly served the Houston area since 2006. Through our Botanically-Based solutions, we provide families of Houston with green pest control, green mosquito control, green termite control, and so much more. What's more, all our services come with the Natran Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results we’ll refund your money. We believe we have a greater purpose to fulfill: Keeping often unnecessary, poisonous pesticides OUT of our community.

Through our Green Pest Control movement, we protect the great state of Texas, our incredible community of Houston, and each and every family within it by reducing harmful chemicals.


Financing Available. Please contact us to discuss your options.