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Keeping your home free from pests and rodents is important -- but so is ensuring that you are not exposing the children and/or pets in your home and neighborhood to unnecessary chemicals. By making adjustments to the type of products and methods you choose to treat your home for rodents, as well as by making a few adjustments to how you employ rodent care in your home, you can ensure that your home is free of unwanted visitors without putting your family at undue risk.

No one wants to walk into their home to find an unwanted visitor. It doesn’t matter whether that visitor has two legs, four legs, six legs, or eight legs -- your home should be your refuge and a place where you feel safe from anyone that you have not explicitly invited inside. Unfortunately keeping out those unwanted pests often means using poisons that are excessively inhumane and dangerous to leave lying around your house, especially if your home is also home to beloved pets or young children.

Finding the right balance between responsibly dealing with unwanted pests in your home and making sure that your home is free from those unwanted pests takes some time -- not to mention trial and error -- to figure out. Choose reduced- and minimum-risk products can help you to ensure that your home is protected for you, your children and your pets while still helping you to eliminate any of those unwanted rodents.

Fortunately, there are plenty of resources found in nature that are able to repel those types of pests that you don’t want in your home. Taking advantage of these different non-toxic elements can help you to keep your home clean and safe from unwanted visitors of all sizes and varieties.
It is important to know that the best rodent remedies for your home depend entirely on the type a problem that you are trying to fix. Frequently the best way to handle some of those bigger pests, such as rats and mice, that tend to get into the house unwanted is through proper prevention. Working with a wildlife and rodent removal specialist to ensure that your house is free of any unwanted openings or enticements for rats and mice is a great place to start.

By taking steps to prevent rodents from wanting to get into your house in the first place, you can actually reduce the amount of time and effort that you need to spend removing those rodents from your house later. Rats are attracted to things like open food containers and trash that is not taken care of appropriately. By reducing the amount of these offenses around your house you can reduce the number of rodents that are trying to get into your home.

Of course there are some properties, especially older properties, that are more likely to be prone to high instances of rodents, and in those cases finding a responsible way to address those pests without putting your family and pets at unnecessary risk is incredibly helpful. Having your own pets (cats hate mice, remember?) is of course a great way to reduce the number of rats that are likely to be hanging out around your house. But even beyond that, choosing pet-friendly pest control treatments for rat & mice removal can help you to keep those rodents at bay without exposing your entire household to highly toxic chemicals.

Children are naturally curious, so you can’t really blame them for wanting to explore every aspect of their home. After all, the home is the safest place that the child knows; and there shouldn’t be anything lurking there that could potentially cause them harm. Of course you don’t want your child to come across a rat or other rodent when they least expect it, but you also don’t want your child coming across rat poison. If you have to use regular rat poison that could potentially bring harm to your child, then it is extremely important to make sure that that poison is somewhere that your child will not find it. Putting the poison in the attic or basement where the rats typically enter the house is a helpful way to ensure that your child is not going to come across that poison unexpectedly.

Taking this type of precaution when treating your house for rats and mice will provide you with added peace-of-mind. In addition to doing the right thing for your child and keeping your pets safe from potential harm, you’re also doing the best thing for the environment by limiting the number of chemicals and harsh materials that are being released into the ecosystem. For more support with live animal control in Houston, don’t hesitate to reach out to us right away. Rats and mice are one problem that you don’t want to let linger in your home for too long!

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