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Everyone thinks they are an expert when it comes to pest control. There are tons of myths out there that make it hard for the average person to know who they can and can’t trust. Here we have listed the five most common myths when it comes to pest control.

#1 – Clean house, no pest
A dirty house can be more susceptible to pest but don’t let your guard down. Some pest only need blood to survive not food or trash. For these pests it doesn’t matter if your home is clean or not they can survive on pets and humans.

#2 – I’ve never seen a bug in my house so I don’t need pest control
Most pest are very tiny and hard to see. They are good at hiding. Not seeing bugs in your house may comfort you but it doesn’t mean they aren’t lurking around the home. Sometimes pest can create thousands of dollars in damage before you even notice. A regular inspection and treatment is always important even if you don’t see bugs.

#3 – Use cheese to bait your mousetraps
Cheese will definitely entice a hungry mouse, but peanut butter is a better option. Since it is sticky it will adhere to the mousetrap and make a catch more likely.

#4 – Bug zappers will kill mosquitoes
A bug zapper is great for flies and other larger pest but don’t count on it to zap those pesky mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are not attracted to the bright light like other bugs. So when those lights get to zappin’ the skeeters keep buzzin. More of a direct approach is needed for mosquitoes such as bug sprays and repellents. For longer lasting treatments look to your pest control professionals for a yard fog and other larger scale preventative measures.

#5 – You do not need professional pest control
To ensure your home is healthy from pest it is always suggested that you have a professional service and inspect your home. Devices and products sold in stores typically fail to remove pest and most are not environmentally friendly. Which also means they are not healthy for your pets, children and the rest of your family. Natural/Green pest control is a growing trend and the only way to go if you want a healthy home.

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