Sometimes you need an extra layer of security, or maybe you just want to take solace in knowing that your home is fully protected from pests of any variety. That’s why we offer a complete-package solution that includes rodent and termite monitoring alongside general pest protection services. NATRANIZED™ combines our comprehensive pest control plan with the added element of proactive and preventative rodent and termite monitoring, providing you with total and complete protection from pests.


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Gently & effectively eleminates roaches, spiders, ants, silverfish & other common household pests

Your Complete Pest & Termite
Rodent Protection Solution

Our top-of-the-line NATRANIZED™ Pest, Termite and Rodent Protection Package is a true full-service solution. Designed to cover all the bases, NATRANIZED™ targets and contains both current and future infestations of common household insects as well as Subterranean Termites and mice and rats.

As part of our effort to provide the most comprehensive and high-quality customer service possible, we have bundled our five-star-rated pest, termite and rodent solutions all into a single holistically oriented home protection package: NATRANIZED™. Utilizing advanced preventative measures and highly effective GREEN treatments for full protection, our goal is to save you time, money and future worry.

Our friendly and highly trained pest control specialists will conduct an extremely detailed home inspection to identify current problems as well as areas of concern for potential future infestations. We will establish a 10-ft barrier around the exterior of your home to ward off common insects and install termite monitoring stations in a 360-degree manner around the exterior of your home.

As a layer of added precaution, we will install subtle, state-of-the-art termite monitors that will be checked routinely throughout the year. If our ongoing termite monitoring visits reveal any termite activity at any time during the course of your one-year service warranty, we will treat your home for the active infestation.

Is Natranized™ Safe For Your
Home, Family And Pets?

We only use the greenest, lowest risk pest control products available, combined with sustainability-focused application methods, in our bi-monthly treatments. Our expertly trained, Quality Pro Certified technicians utilize an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach that guarantees our GREEN, minimum- and reduced-risk products are being applied only where and when absolutely necessary. Because we use botanically based pesticides in the most conservative and low-impact manner possible, you can rest assured that your family and pets will be in good hands with Natran.

Is Getting Natranized™

Our holistic pest, rodent and termite service package protects you and your family by covering both common household pests and the home-invaders most likely to cause exorbitantly expensive damage and destruction.

Our signature full-service NATRANIZED™ green pest control package is designed to protect you and your family from common pests, as well as termites and rodents. By combining our three flagship services into one, you will be saving both time and money in addition to eliminating worry over the health of your most cherished commodity: YOUR FAMILY.

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Our General Pest Control
Coverage Includes:

American Cockroaches

Fire Ants



Pharaoh Ants



Rover Ants




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What Our Customers

Noe was very knowledgeable and told me things to do to help keep the house roach free. He took his time to explain what he was doing and what I should do. Highly recommend this Green company.

Cynthia W.

Casey Bownan did an excellent job with my termite control. He came back 3 times to make sure everything was perfect. The weather was bad so we had to work around the rain. I would highly recommend Natran for pest control. I’ve had them for about 2.5 going on 3 years.

Lydia A.

Juan was very helpful with the German roach problem at my apartment. He showed me several big hiding spots and was able to kill several large groups of them during his visit. He also set my apartment up with several types of baits to keep them out in the future.

Austin B.

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