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Natran Green Pest Control is always eager and excited to support the Houston community and to help our neighbors live a healthier and happier life. This is why we have partnered up with Advantage Pro Services to bring the 2019 Healthy Home Giveaway to our fellow Houstonians! The Healthy Home Giveaway offers one Houston area family the chance to receive a giveaway package worth up to $10,000 which includes free pest control and exterior preservation services. To participate in the Healthy Home Giveaway, you will nominate a deserving Houston area family who is in need of the pest control and exterior preservation services offered through the giveaway. To submit your nomination, click here. We encourage you to share as much information as possible about the family you are nominating, including photos or video. All nominations must be submitted by Friday, August 23rd, 2019. Our team will then review each nomination and the stories of these deserving families to then choose the winner of the 2019 Healthy Home Giveaway.

Continue reading to learn how you can keep your own home healthy and all of the ways in which living in a clean home environment can benefit you and your family.

Benefits of Exterior Home Improvements and Preservation

The benefits of improving and preserving the exterior of any home goes beyond upgrading the curb appeal. These home improvement projects are important for you, your family and even the environment in a variety of ways. One of the biggest advantages of ensuring that the exterior of your home is in good shape are the energy savings you and your family will enjoy. When the exterior siding, windows or roof on your home are cracking or falling apart, this allows air from outside to make its way into your home and disrupt the function of your air conditioning and heating units. This disruption can cause your air conditioning or heating to work overtime as it tries to cool or heat your home. By making sure that these exterior areas of your home are well maintained, you are allowing your home’s indoor temperature regulation systems to perform optimally, thus saving you any extra costs associated with an overactive air conditioning or heating unit.

A home that has a well cared for exterior will provide the proper protection that you and your family need and deserve. Protecting your home against culprits such as moisture or termites is vital and will save you the hassle and annoyances of extensive and costly repairs in the future. Additionally, the resale value of your home will increase if the exterior does not suffer from cracks, holes or any other damages. Whether you are planning to stay in your home for many years or will be putting your home up for sale in the near future, the benefits that come along with making repairs to the exterior of your home are important for any family who resides within its walls. As mentioned, making these repairs to the outside of your home will also increase curb appeal and change the look of your home for the better. 

Benefits of A Clean and Healthy Home

Living in a healthy home is a huge part of leading a healthy life. Because we spend approximately 90% of our lives indoors, it is imperative that the environment which we spend this time does not have any negative impacts on our physical and mental health. Reducing allergies is one benefit that keeping a clean home can provide to you and your family. Allergies are the most common health issue for children and the fifth most common chronic disease among humans, with up to fifty-percent of adults and children suffering from the affects of allergies in their lifetimes. In the majority of homes, there are at least six allergens present, all of which can be negatively impacting your family’s health. One of the most common allergies is to dust mites, which will be found in abundance within a home that is not clean or healthy. To ensure that your family does not chronically suffer from the nasty side affects that allergens can produce, make sure you are regularly dusting and cleaning the interior of your home. 

In addition to allergens, your home is also vulnerable to the health risks of bacteria and pathogens that can make you and your family sick. With up to nine different types of bacteria thriving on shoes alone and the fact that one bacteria can multiply into over eight million in just one day, it is highly important to keep your home clean and disinfected as a way to protect your family. Keep your home clean also helps to reduce your risk of an insect or rodent infestation.

It is easy to understand how maintaining your home will help to keep your family physically healthy, but perhaps a more abstract concept is how a clean and organized home can improve mental health and concentration. When your home is tidy, clean and organized, you are less likely to be distracted by items you see lying around. This is especially beneficial to children who study or complete homework in your house or for adults who work in a home office. On the whole, a healthy home environment lowers stress levels and can help residents to achieve a more positive outlook on life.

Benefits of Green Pest Control Services

Perhaps the largest benefit of green pest control services and a huge reason why Natran Green Pest Control offers these botanically based solutions to pest infestations is that they help to keep you, your family and your pets safe. Traditional pest control products use dangerous chemicals as a solution to your pest infestation troubles. The products used by Natran Green Pest Control include the oils from plants that are known to naturally repel or kill insects without putting your family at risk.

Another important benefit of green pest control service is that these botanically based solutions are better for the earth’s environment. The naturally occurring oils used in Natran Green Pest Control’s products will not harm the environment, including animals, soil or water. The chemicals used by traditional pest control companies can harm the earth and its delicate ecosystems, as well as the health of your family. Additionally, botanically based organic chemical pesticides will offer more long term results than the toxic chemicals used by traditional pest control companies. The short term effectiveness of these chemical pesticides often requires multiple applications which can be damaging to your lawn, garden and even your family’s health. Natural pest control products, like those used by Natran Green Pest Control, last longer because pests are less likely to build up a resistance to a biologically based treatment. These natural products combined with Integrated Pest Management will offer the best results with little to no health risks for you and your family.

How To Keep Your Own Home Clean and Healthy

Now that you know the benefits of keeping a clean home, it is time to start getting your home in shape for the benefit of your family’s health. Read below for some tips on how you can begin your journey to a healthy home today.


  1. To keep pollen out of your home and your family’s allergies at bay, make sure to brush off any outwear or clothing before entering your home. It can also help to keep wet wipes or a brush on hand so that you can brush and wipe down your pets before they return indoors.
  2. Place a door mat on both sides of your front and back doors. An estimated eighty percent of the dirt, bacteria and allergens that are brought into your house via foot can be stopped by using two door mats instead of one.
  3. Establish a new house rule that shoes are not allowed indoors. You can make this transition easier by keeping a basket of slippers by your front and back doors for family members and guests to wear while they are inside your home.


  1. Ensure that your home is free of any holes or crevices that might serve as an entry point into your home for rodents and insects. If you inspect your home and find holes or cracks, make sure to securely caulk them.
  2. By filtering your drinking water, you can reduce the amount of lead, chlorine or other possible contaminates you are ingesting when drinking tap water. Activated carbon filters are generally a good route to take when searching for the right type of water filter, whether it is a water pitcher, on your sink’s tap or under your sink. 
  3. If you have a refrigerator which features a water dispenser, make sure to change the filter every six months. This can help to reduce the chance of sediment buildup. 
  4. Replace any plastic containers which have BPA in them. It is suspected that tableware which contains BPA can leak harmful chemicals into the food and drink that you consume.
  5. Clean your kitchen counters and food preparation areas regularly and thoroughly. You should also scrub your cutting boards with hot water and soap after every use.
  6. Allow your plates and silverware to thoroughly dry before putting them away in your kitchen cabinets. When you put away damp dish ware, it can encourage bacteria growth. 

Living Room

  1. One quick way to reduce the air pollution in your home is to ban smoking indoors. 
  2. HEPA filters, or high efficiency particulate air filters, are the most effective type of filter to use in your vacuum cleaner. Make sure to use as HEPA filter when you vacuum, as these filters are superior when it comes to vacuuming up dust, dust mites, animal dander, fleas and other allergens. You can even more thoroughly vacuum your home by using a brush attachment to clean curtains and lamp shades.
  3. Keeping your hardwood floors clean is another way to ensure your home stays healthy. Use a mild vinegar and water mixture or a combination of lemon oil and water to clean your wood floors. You should avoid chemical cleaners or waxes that can release VOCs and irritate your lungs.
  4. Regularly sanitize your handheld devices such as TV remotes, computer keyboards and phones.
  5. Invest in an air purifier to help keep dust and allergens at bay in your home.


  1. Fix any cracked tiles or caulk in your bathtub. This will help to discourage mold from forming and spreading within the walls of your bathroom.
  2. After every shower, run the ceiling vent. By doing this, you are venting moist air that can attract mildew.
  3. When choosing cleaning products for your bathroom, avoid using products which contain chlorine or ammonia. These strong chemicals can irritate your lungs and skin and in sensitive individuals, can even exacerbate asthma and breathing problems.
  4. Bathroom faucets are full of germs. Keep these germs away by sanitizing your faucets with a three percent hydrogen peroxide solution. If you prefer plant based products, use wipes which contain plant oils and ingredients that kill pathogens.
  5. Use nylon or polyester shower curtains instead of vinyl.  Vinyl shower curtains may contain phthalates which have been shown to have negative impacts on reproductive health.


  1. Before you make your bed in the morning, let it air out. While you sleep, you produce sweat which can make your sheets moist which can attract mites.
  2. Avoid using moth balls. Moth balls contain chemicals that have been shown to be possibly carcinogenic. 
  3. Purchase a humidity monitor. The humidity level in your home should be around forty to fifty percent. Anything higher than this is conducive to the growth of mildew and mites. If the humidity levels in your home drop below twenty percent, you can then use a humidifier to put some of that moisture back into the air.

All of us at Natran Green Pest Control hope these healthy home tips allow you and your family to live your happiest and healthiest life possible. Plus, do not forget to nominate a deserving family for our 2019 Healthy Home Giveaway!

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