Mosquito Traps

Revolutionary Mosquito Control

Natran is proud to offer the innovative and effective Mosquito Trap System. Through carefully placed traps, which are made of a durable material, this state of the art installation offers you the solution you need for a mosquito-free outdoor experience. Mosquito populations are reduced by targeting each stage of the life cycle, effectively reducing disease transmission, such as Zika and Dengue, significantly.

Choose mosquito control that was designed to keep your home protected from pests year round!

This system targets female mosquitos, attaching a mix of biological agents which is then carried to other sources of standing water. Through this process, larvae are prevented from hatching, and the mosquito itself dies before the potential transmission of disease. With the Mosquito Trap mosquito control on your property, you will enjoy the outdoors more than ever.

This patented mosquito control system offers year round protection for your home! Even in the winter months when mosquitos are seldom seen, your mosquito traps will be working to keep your home ready for when spring arrives again! Our experienced technicians will service and maintain your traps, so its as easy as calling our expert Customer Care team to get started.