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Effective And Minimal Risk
Mosquito Yard Fogging

We fog your entire property in about 30 minutes. The service will work to suppress the mosquito population, giving you relief from the nuisance and associated dangers. During the height of the season, March through November, customers choose to have us service their yards either every 7 or 14 days

Our botanically based, green “fog” formula does a quick knock-down job on the existent mosquitoes, then works over time to keep them away for 1-2 weeks.

State-of-the-art Mosquito
Misting System

Our fully automated mosquito control misting system requires you to do nothing except sit back and enjoy life without the threat of mosquitoes. Our mosquito misting systems are naturally effective and work to suppress the mosquito population on your property.

Our trained professionals will custom-design the system to meet your needs and work with your lifestyle. The systems are professionally installed so as to be virtually invisible and can be used to protect the areas where you spend the most time.

Systems are commonly installed around residential properties to provide protection around pools, patios, decks, gardens and entire yards. Commercial applications include kennels, outdoor dining areas of restaurants, equestrian housing facilities and open-air entertainment venues.

“The #1 Green Mosquito
Control Company In Houston, Texas“

Mosquitoes are not only pests; they are a significant health hazard, with thousands of annual deaths attributed to the mosquito-borne disease. Mosquitoes are considered to be the world’s deadliest insects having caused more deaths than all wars combined!

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The Natran

  • Smart, responsible and guaranteed pest protection
  • Sustainable, low-impact solutions for minimal risk to our planet
  • Botanically based GREEN repellents to protect people and pets
  • Customized pest protection plan designed just for your home
  • Flexible same- and next-day appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited warranty on all pest protection plans
  • Year-round service and full warranty for non-stop coverage
  • In business for more than a dozen years and growing
  • Rated as Houston’s Pest & Termite Control Best Pick for 8 consecutive years
  • Locally owned and operated in the Greater Houston Metro Area

Green, Effective, Responsible Mosquito
Control. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • Green, botanically based “fog” formula does a quick knock-down job on the mosquitoes designed to last for 7-14 days.
  • Sit back and enjoy life with our state-of-the-art, fully automated mosquito control system.
  • The BEST commercial & residential mosquito control service in Houston!

What Our Customers

Dealing with pests can be stressful for homeowners, but Natran’s detailed professionalism and outstanding staff make everything a worry-free process. I don’t just get pest control service; I get a friendly, helpful, attentive team of people who go above and beyond to make my life a little easier.

Molly B.

They use all natural products they take the time to ask you about problem areas and they are very courteous. We moved here two years ago. The first year we had problems with ants. Since we’ve been using Natran We no longer have pest problems. Jerome did a great job today. Thank you for everything

Sue R.

Since hiring Natran we have noticed a decrease in the ants and red wasp activity. Also no more spiders in the house!!!! We love knowing that the products used will do no harm to us but keep our home pest free!!!

Robin R.

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