Mosquito Control

Green Mosquito Control

At Natran Green Pest Control, we pride ourselves on offering customized solutions for mosquito control. Through green, botanically based mosquito treatments, we offer the people of Houston year-round protection from irritating bites! Our unique formulas are based on years of research, and are comprised of everyday ingredients that are gentle for children and pets.

For Mosquito Control, your family has three distinct options:

1.Mosquito Traps

Natran Green Pest Control's innovative and revolutionary Mosquito Traps are an excellent choice for your family home or business! By addressing each stage of the mosquito reproductive cycle, green mosquito traps eliminate the risk of your mosquito population multiplying and continuing to pester your family.

All it takes is a Natran Green Pest Control expert installing patented mosquito traps throughout your yard.

2. Mosquito Fogs

Our green mosquito fog protects your yard from pests, and allows you to enjoy your outdoor space. While this treatment is needed more often than some alternatives, the botanically based formula is effective against mosquitos, preventing uneccesary risk and exposure of your family to harsh chemicals.

3. Mosquito Misting Systems

Our fully automated mosquito control misting system requires you to do nothing except sit back and enjoy life without the threat of mosquitoes. Our mosquito misting systems are naturally effective and work to suppress the mosquito population on your property.

Trained professionals will custom-design the system to meet your needs and work with your lifestyle. The systems are professionally installed so as to be virtually invisible and can be used to protect the areas where you spend the most time.


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Genuine Green Mosquito Control

Natran Green Pest Control owner Gordon Doran understands the importance of green pest control because of his families personal experiences. That's why Natran is dedicated to providing the best possible pest control experience to Houston families.

Watch our Company Introduction to learn more about the people you will meet at Natran Green Pest Control, as well as the reasons behind our dedication to green! The effectiveness and professionalism your family will experience with our pest control services is unparalleled!

Botanically-Based solutions are the name of the game for Natran Green Pest Control's certified technicians, and their expertise will reflect in quality of work!


The Natran Difference

  • Smart, responsible and guaranteed pest protection
  • Sustainable, low-impact solutions for minimal risk to our planet
  • Botanically based GREEN repellents to protect people and pets
  • Customized pest protection plan designed just for your home
  • Flexible same- and next-day appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited warranty on all pest protection plans
  • Year-round service and full warranty for non-stop coverage
  • In business for more than a dozen years and growing
  • Rated as Houston’s Pest & Termite Control Best Pick for 8 consecutive years
  • Locally owned and operated in the Greater Houston Metro Area