Mold And Termites Prevention After The Flood

As you start to demo your home and rebuild please make sure you take measures to protect your home from mold and termites. Termites are attracted to moisture and mold and your termite barrier may have been washed away. Some signs that your barrier may have been compromised include:

  • Soil erosion next to the structure or foundation.
  • Treated soil has washed away or been moved.
  • Structures close to the house have shifted.
  • New soil has been carried by flood waters to your home.

It’s important that when rebuilding to have your studs treated for mold and termites. At Natran we use a product called Bora-Care that prevents mold and termites. This low toxicity wood preservative has a low environment impact. Call us today to make sure your home will be healthy from mold and termites.

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