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How does a pest control company get rid of rodents

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Rats, mice, and other rodents wreak havoc on homes in the United States all year round.

Are you worried about rodents running around in your walls or scurrying about the attic? Are you concerned about the germs they might be leaving behind or the mess they might be making?

If so, you may need to hire a pest control company to help you eliminate the issue once and for all.

This guide discusses some of the most common rodents that might infest your home in Texas. It also answers frequently asked questions about pest control professionals and how they can help you manage rodent infestations. 

Most common rodents in Texas

Texas is home to rodents of all types and sizes. The following are some of the most common rodents you might encounter in or around your home:

House mouse

House mice range in size from 5.5 to seven inches long (including their tails) and can easily squeeze through tiny holes to enter your home.

They have pointed noses, beady black eyes, and thin tails. They’re usually gray or brown with a white underbelly.

Deer mouse

Deer mice typically live in outdoor dwellings like sheds or barns. However, they can also enter your home.

They’re similar in size to house mice, about five to eight inches long (including their tails). They have brown fur with tawny (light brown or orange-brown) underbellies.

Norway rat

The Norway rat is the most common rat species in Texas. It creates burrows in the ground and is often found around outdoor clutter (crates, pallets, woodpiles, trash piles, etc.).

This type of rat is also known as a sewer rat, house rat, gray rat, or wharf rat. It ranges from seven to 9.5 inches and has a round snout, beady black eyes, and a long black tail.

Roof rat

The roof rat likes to climb and travels in groups of up to ten rats. They have round noses, small ears, and thick tails.

These rats are longer (up to 16 inches, including the tail). They’re typically dark brown or black with gray-white or black undersides.


Voles resemble mice, but they’re more closely related to hamsters. They have shorter tails and rounder bodies and tend to burrow underground, creating nests woven from grass. 

Signs you need to call a pest control professional

If you see a mouse, rat, or other rodent scurrying around your property, there’s a good chance it’s not the only one. Where there’s one rodent, there are likely many more chewing on your belongings, leaving droppings throughout your home, and potentially spreading disease-causing germs.

Even if you haven’t seen any rodents, though, you could still be dealing with an infestation. Here are some additional signs that indicate you should call a pest control professional:

Rodent droppings

Rodent droppings resemble tiny, dark-colored pellets. You will likely find them in your pantry around food packages, in drawers and cupboards, and in the storage space under the sink.


Rodents build nests from materials like shredded paper, fabric, and plant matter. You might notice nests in less conspicuous areas like your attic, basement, crawl spaces, or the space behind the washing machine, water heater, etc.

Chew marks

Rodents will chew on just about anything they can sink their teeth into. You will likely find teeth marks on food packaging, as well as the walls and floors (where rodents are trying to create entry points into your home).

Stale smells

Rodents like mice and rats are known for having distinct stale or musty odors. If you notice these smells and are struggling to identify their source, a rodent issue could be the culprit.

Strange pet activity

You might not have noticed signs of rodents in your home yet, but your pets probably have.

With their strong sense of smell and superior hearing, dogs and cats may have picked up on the sound of rodents scurrying about or detected their pungent odor. Animals may respond by whining, barking, or scratching to try and catch the rodent or alert you to the issue.

How does a pest control company get rid of rodents?

Call a pest control company as soon as you notice signs of a rodent infestation.

Even if you’re not entirely sure that rodents are the source of your problem, a pest control professional can inspect your home and help you identify the cause — whether it’s rodents or something else.

If you have concerns about harming animals or spraying your home with harsh chemicals, don’t let them stop you from calling a pest control company. Many pest control professionals use humane, eco-friendly methods to eliminate rodents. 

For example, they may use traps to catch rodents without harming them and then release them into the wild. They also use eco-friendly products to treat your property and deter rodents from coming back in the future.

What to expect when you hire a pest control company

When you hire a pest control company to get rid of rodents in your home, they will likely go through the following steps:


Every pest control team starts their visit by thoroughly inspecting your property. They’ll walk around the interior and exterior of your home to look for signs of rodents, identify nesting places, and find openings that are letting them in. 

When the inspection is complete, the technicians will talk to you about their findings and offer their expert treatment recommendations. They’ll also give you a quote and timeline to help you understand how much the treatment will cost and how long it’ll take for you to see results. 


If you agree to the treatment plan, the technicians will get to work immediately. They’ll start by sealing your home to prevent more rodents from finding their way in.

The sealing and exclusion process involves the use of high-quality materials like spray foam and steel wire mesh to close gaps and keep rodents out.


After blocking entrances to keep rodents out, the technicians will get to work addressing the rodents currently residing in your home.

They will set up humane traps (such as snap traps, bait box traps, and glue boards) around your property. The number of traps they use depends on the severity of your infestation, the size of your home, and the types of rodents you’re dealing with.

After setting up traps, the technicians will schedule another visit to inspect the traps and remove any rodents they’ve caught. They will continue to return to your home regularly until they’re confident that all the rodents have been eliminated.

Clean Up 

Getting rid of rodents is, naturally, the most critical part of a pest control team’s job. However, they shouldn’t leave you to clean up the mess alone. 

When they’re done catching and releasing rodents, the technicians will return to decontaminate the property using a fog machine. The machine distributes tiny particles of green, plant-based disinfectant that eliminate bacteria and germs left from rodent urine, droppings, and nesting materials.

How to prevent rodent infestations

In addition to eliminating the current infestation, pest control companies can also help you prevent future rodent problems from occurring.

Technicians will seal entrances in your home to make it harder for rodents to reenter. They can also offer monthly treatments to care for your property and make it less hospitable to rats, mice, and other rodents. 

Along with scheduling regular pest control treatments, you can also use the following tactics to maintain a rodent-free home:

  • Eliminate potential outdoor nesting sites (leaf piles, deep mulch, trash piles, etc.)  
  • Clear indoor clutter and regularly clean areas where rodents tend to nest
  • Vacuum, sweep, and mop regularly to get rid of crumbs, spills, and other food sources 
  • Seal indoor and outdoor trash bins with tight-fitting lids
  • Turn compost piles regularly to cover recently added food scraps.
  • Take a break from feeding outdoor birds if you are trying to control an infestation (to avoid leaving extra residue for rodents)

Making some simple changes to your cleaning and homecare routine can have a significant impact on your susceptibility to rodent issues and keep your property pest-free long-term.

Get rid of rodents today with Natran Green Pest Control

Rats, mice, and other rodents can quickly multiply and cause severe damage in your home — from property damage caused by their sharp teeth to spreading numerous diseases that affect you and your pets.

The sooner you work with a pest control company to eliminate the issue, the better. That’s where our team at Natran Green Pest Control comes in. 
We offer fast, effective, and eco-friendly rodent management solutions to keep your home clean and pest-free. Get in touch today to learn more about our services or schedule an inspection.

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