Guard Your Yard: Three Tips For Diy Mosquito Control

As we head into springtime, sunny days and mild evenings aren’t the only things guaranteed. A combination of wet, rainy weather and rapidly warming temperatures mean that mosquitoes are also coming our way.

Below are a few easy, DIY tips to help prevent your yard from becoming a breeding ground for disease-carrying pests.

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1. Don’t Stand for Standing Water. Stagnant water is the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes, so be sure to drain out any water-collecting receptacles around your house and yard. Better yet, take a walk around your home’s perimeter and flip over or remove any containers before they start collecting rainwater. Keep ditches and other drainage systems around your yard cleared of leaves and other debris to ensure that you don’t have long-standing puddles collecting on or around your property.

2. Harness Some Flower Power. Add a little aesthetic appeal and help protect your yard from flying insects by planting flowers that act as natural repellents. Lavender and marigolds are two excellent choices for beautifying a backyard flower bed. Both emit an odor that mosquitoes find undesirable, warding them away while bringing a bright boost of springtime color.

3. Mind Your Gutters. Clogged gutters are a common cause of mosquito-favorable conditions. Because they are out of sight and out of mind, it can be easy to forget that your gutters require regular cleaning in order to prevent water accumulation. Remember that still water can become a perfect place for mosquitoes to multiply quickly, so always mindful of all routine maintenance needs on your home’s exterior.

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