Houston Green Ant Control

Green Ant Control

Natran Green Pest Control uses proven botanical methods to treat for ants in Houston, Texas. Through green pest control, we ensure that your family, including your pets, aren't exposed to the harsh chemicals that cause discomfort and sickness. It's Natran Green Pest Control's dedication to the Houston community that keeps us going!

The process of preventing or treating for ants will be presented to you by your green pest control technician upon inspection. Using a solution made of Thyme,Rosemary and Wintergreen Oils, your technician will create a barrier outside your home to prevent re-entry by ants.

Natran's Green Pest Control Solution

Natran Green Pest Control offers an effective and green solution to your ant infestation. During the initial visit by a Natran technician, any entry points or ant infested areas will be treated. Your technician will also be diligent about finding any additional areas that may need improvement, including areas that are continually moist, holes in sheetrock or inside of cabinets. Once the interior of the home has been treated, your green pest control technician will then service the exterior every two months, so to provide an invisible twenty foot barrier around your home. If you’re facing an ant infestation, call Natran today and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about ant bites or an infestation.

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Things you'll find in Natran's Green Ant Control





Wintergreen Oils



Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon



Common Types of Ants in Houston

Fire Ant


These ants are recognizable by their reddish-brown bodies and the many different sizes of ants in the same colony. Fire ant mounds can also be identified through the lack of a hole in the top. As their name suggests, fire ant bites are very painful and cause a burning and itching sensation at the site of the bite. Fire ants are very aggressive species and if their mound is disturbed, will attack in large numbers, administering many simultaneous ant bites and stings to the perceived threat.

Carpenter Ant


These ants are generally one-fourth of an inch long and vary in color from black, brown and orange or a combination of all three. Carpenter ants are nocturnal critters, coming out during the night to forage for food. Carpenter ants will search for meat, eggs and greasy or sweet foods inside your home and if nesting indoors, will often nest close to a food source. If nesting inside the wood of your home, carpenter ants can compromise its structural integrity. If you notice large ants in or around your home, you may be facing a carpenter ant infestation. Like the fire ant, carpenter ants are also attracted to moisture.


Acrobat Ant


Although smaller, acrobat ants are similar to carpenter ants due to their color and nesting habits. This ant species will usually build their nests in trees and like the carpenter ant, will also nest indoors. If the acrobat ant decided to make build its nest in your home, you will likely find it in the walls or insulation and especially if you have moisture damage. If disturbed, worker acrobat ants can release a foul odor and aggressively bite in an effort to defend themselves and their nests.


Pharoah Ant


The pharaoh ant is a very small ant measuring only approximately one sixteenth of an inch long. This ant species will usually live and nest indoors, making the risk of an in-home infestation greater for you and your family. Identifying features of pharaoh ants include their small size, yellow color and dark-tipped bellies. Pharaoh ants prefer to nest in narrow, warm and dark spaces which commonly includes wall voids, electrical boxes, under appliances, in wall outlets and underneath carpet.


What our customers say

"They come monthly to spray our yard and it’s safe for our dogs and our new baby. We’re so grateful they have safe sprays for mosquitoes and now we are looking into termite treatment."

— Becky Costigan

"I wouldn't use anyone else! Always friendly and explain every thing step by step. They listen to you and are super friendly. Plus the smell is actually pleasant from the spray not the obnoxious chemical fumes from non natural places."

— Hanane Blanton

"I have piece of mind that my dog and kids are safe while playing barefoot outside. Less pests and less toxic chemicals. Customer service is great too! Thanks Natran!"

— Tiffiny Stephan
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