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Natran Green Pest Control is dedicated to reducing the amount of chemicals Texas families are exposed to every day.

Botanically-Based solutions are the name of the game for Natran Green Pest Control's certified technicians, and their expertise will reflect in quality of work!

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Green Spider Control

Natran Green Pest Control uses proven botanical methods to treat for spiders in Houston, Texas. Through green pest control, we ensure that your family, including your pets, aren't exposed to the harsh chemicals that cause discomfort and sickness. It's Natran Green Pest Control's dedication to the Houston community that keeps us going!

The process of preventing or treating for spiders will be presented to you by your green pest control technician upon inspection. Using a solution made of Thyme,Rosemary and Wintergreen Oils, your technician will create a barrier outside your home to prevent re-entry by spiders.

Natran's Green Pest Control Solution

Natran Green Pest Control offers an effective and green solution to your spider infestation. During the initial visit by a Natran technician, any entry points or ant infested areas will be treated. Your technician will also be diligent about finding any additional areas that may need improvement, including areas that are continually moist, holes in sheetrock or inside of cabinets. Once the interior of the home has been treated, your green pest control technician will then service the exterior consistently, so to provide an invisible twenty foot barrier around your home. If you’re facing a spider infestation, call Natran today and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about bites or other spider control problems.

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Things you'll find in Natran's Green Spider Control





Wintergreen Oils



Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon


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Genuine Green Pest Control

Natran Green Pest Control owner Gordon Doran understands the importance of green pest control because of his families personal experiences. That's why Natran is dedicated to providing the best possible pest control experience to Houston families.

Watch our Company Introduction to learn more about the people you will meet at Natran Green Pest Control, as well as the reasons behind our dedication to green! The effectiveness and professionalism your family will experience with our pest control services is unparalleled!

Botanically-Based solutions are the name of the game for Natran Green Pest Control's certified technicians, and their expertise will reflect in quality of work!

Common Types of Spiders in Houston

Black Widow

black widow spider in web

As one of the most dangerous and most poisonous spiders found in Texas, the black widow spider should be diligently avoided if spotted in or around your home. If you do find that your property has a presence of black widow spiders, you should seek professional spider control services immediately. Black widow spiders have black or dark brown bodies with the famous red hourglass shape on their bellies. These spiders have long legs, a round body shape and are about three to ten millimeters in length. Young black widow spiders do not resemble adults and will appear to be white and orange in color.

Grass Spiders


The grass spider is a type of spider that, as their name suggests, lives within the grass of your home’s front and back lawns. Female grass spiders are larger than male grass spiders, measuring approximately ten to twenty millimeters in length. The smaller male grass spider measures about nine to eighteen millimeters long. The upper shell of a grass spider is yellow-brown in color and has two stripes which run lengthwise across their bodies. The abdomens of these little critters will often appear to be darker in color than the rest of them.



Also called the “giant crab spider” or “banana spider”, the huntsman spider measures twenty to twenty-three millimeters in length. The body length of the female huntsman spider is generally larger than that of the male and is brown in color with a tan band around the upper body section, or carapace. Male huntsman spiders have longer legs than females with bands running lengthwise along their abdomens and a cream colored band on their upper body section. Instead of spinning webs to catch their prey, huntsman spiders depend on their speed to capture their victims which include insects and various other invertebrates.


Brown Recluse

spider brown recluse

Another spider species in Texas that you should actively avoid is the brown recluse spider. You can identify a brown recluse by the unique dark brown, violin shape on their backs. These dangerous spiders have a round body and are approximately one-fourth of an inch long. They can be found in dark, dry environments such as woodpiles, basements and closets. If you are bitten by a brown recluse spider, the bite can take up to three hours to fully develop and if severe, can take up to three weeks to completely heal.

Cellar Spider

Daddy long leg spider

Also known as a “daddy long leg” spider, the long bodied cellar spider can be found in most dim and moist places around your home including cellars, sheds, crawlspaces, garages, barns or basements. These spiders have an oval shaped body which can range in color from light brown, gray or yellow. The body of a full grown female longbodied cellar spider will measure approximately seven to eight millimeters in length, while her legs alone can measure up to forty-five to fifty millimeters long. Fully grown male longbodied spiders will have a body length of about six millimeters.

Jumping Spider

jumping spider on leaf

The gray wall jumping spider is a relatively small spider, measuring about four to eighteen millimeters in length. These spiders have a layer of dense hairs covering their bodies with front legs that are thicker and longer than their other legs. Gray wall jumping spiders have eight eyes situated in three rows. In the front row, they have four eyes with the two middle eyes being very large. Interestingly, these small spiders are equipped with the best day time eyesight of any spider species. Their superior eyesight allows them to see and act upon movement up to eighteen inches away.


What our customers say

"They come monthly to spray our yard and it’s safe for our dogs and our new baby. We’re so grateful they have safe sprays for mosquitoes and now we are looking into termite treatment."

— Becky Costigan

"I wouldn't use anyone else! Always friendly and explain every thing step by step. They listen to you and are super friendly. Plus the smell is actually pleasant from the spray not the obnoxious chemical fumes from non natural places."

— Hanane Blanton

"I have piece of mind that my dog and kids are safe while playing barefoot outside. Less pests and less toxic chemicals. Customer service is great too! Thanks Natran!"

— Tiffiny Stephan
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