Houston Green Roach Control

Green Roach Control

Natran Green Pest Control uses proven botanical methods to treat for roaches in Houston, Texas. Through green pest control, we ensure that your family, including your pets, aren't exposed to the harsh chemicals that cause discomfort and sickness. It's Natran Green Pest Control's dedication to the Houston community that keeps us going!

The process of preventing or treating for roaches will be presented to you by your green pest control technician upon inspection. Using a solution made of Thyme,Rosemary and Wintergreen Oils, your technician will create a barrier outside your home to prevent re-entry by roaches.

Natran's Green Pest Control Solution

Natran Green Pest Control offers an effective and green solution to your roach infestation. During the initial visit by a Natran technician, any entry points or roach infested areas will be treated. Your technician will also be diligent about finding any additional areas that may need improvement, including areas that are continually moist, holes in sheetrock or inside of cabinets. Once the interior of the home has been treated, your green pest control technician will then service the exterior on a regular basis, so to provide an invisible twenty foot barrier around your home. If you’re facing a roach infestation, call Natran today and get ready to enjoy your outdoor space without worrying about American or German Roach infestation.

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Things you'll find in Natran's Green Roach Control





Wintergreen Oils



Cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon



Common Types of Roaches in Houston

German Roaches

roach on a leaf

German Roaches can be identified by their light brown coloring. They also have two stripes on their backs, and females are usually darker than males. German roaches prefer areas that are dark and humid. An infestation can be identified by a collection of dark droppings in dark areas. A female German Roach can produce enough eggs to create an infestation in no time at all.

American Roaches

roach crawling

American Roaches are on the larger side, with their average length between 1 and 3 inches. Adult American roaches can fly, and prefer to stay in dark places when indoors. The wings of male American roaches are generally longer than their body. An infestation can be identified by fast moving insects when lights are turned on, droppings near food that may resemble mice droppings, and the presence of American roach egg capsules near food.


Green Pest Control in Houston Texas

Natran Green Pest Control has proudly served the Houston area since 2006. Through our Botanically-Based solutions, we provide families of Houston with green pest control, green mosquito control, green termite control, and so much more. What's more, all our services come with the Natran Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results we’ll refund your money. We believe we have a greater purpose to fulfill: Keeping often unnecessary, poisonous pesticides OUT of our community.

Through our Green Pest Control movement, we protect the great state of Texas, our incredible community of Houston, and each and every family within it by reducing harmful chemicals.

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Genuine Green Pest Control

Natran Green Pest Control owner Gordon Doran understands the importance of green pest control because of his families personal experiences. That's why Natran is dedicated to providing the best possible pest control experience to Houston families.

Watch our Company Introduction to learn more about the people you will meet at Natran Green Pest Control, as well as the reasons behind our dedication to green! The effectiveness and professionalism your family will experience with our pest control services is unparalleled!

Botanically-Based solutions are the name of the game for Natran Green Pest Control's certified technicians, and their expertise will reflect in quality of work!

What our customers say

"They come monthly to spray our yard and it’s safe for our dogs and our new baby. We’re so grateful they have safe sprays for mosquitoes and now we are looking into termite treatment."

— Becky Costigan

"I wouldn't use anyone else! Always friendly and explain every thing step by step. They listen to you and are super friendly. Plus the smell is actually pleasant from the spray not the obnoxious chemical fumes from non natural places."

— Hanane Blanton

"I have piece of mind that my dog and kids are safe while playing barefoot outside. Less pests and less toxic chemicals. Customer service is great too! Thanks Natran!"

— Tiffiny Stephan
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