German Roach Preparation Steps

Preparing your home for German Roach Treatment

  1. Clean the home prior to treatment and maintain the home as neatly as possible for long-term results. This helps eliminate competing food sources for the insects which allows roaches to be easily attracted to the bait and not to food sources.
  2. Cover and store any open food. Remove foods, small appliances, and other small items from countertops.
  3. Pick-up and store (baby/animal) toys and supplies.
  4. Mop/scrub kitchen and other hard floors and woodwork with detergent. Thoroughly vacuum carpeted floors and couch cushions.
  5. Vacuum up any visible roaches and eggs just before the service visit, using the crevice attachment to get into any and all cracks. After vacuuming, take the vacuum cleaner outside, remove the vacuum bag, seal it, and discard in trash. Take a damp cloth and wipe down the entire vacuum cleaner. Continue to vacuum or otherwise kill any roaches that are seen.
  6. Please do not use any other pesticides or do it yourself treatments after the treatment. A decrease in population should be apparent within 24-48 hours.
  7. Remove items from the top of the refrigerator, stove, and any other such movable appliances. Prior to service, move these appliances away from the wall, and clean behind and beneath them. If the stove has a removable bottom drawer that opens to the floor, it is not necessary to move the entire stove.
  8. Be sure that the Pest Tech has free and full access to anywhere that cockroaches have been seen (or anywhere specified by the Tech.)
  9. Discard all excess paper products, and any other unused piles or trash, as these are harborage areas for roaches and other pests.
  10. Homeowners should repair any water leaks immediately upon detection; apartment residents should report the leak to maintenance immediately upon detection.
  11. If anyone in the home has special allergy problems, is pregnant, or is under the age of one, the technician should be informed prior to service and precautions taken. All people and pets should stay out of the area being serviced for the length of time specified by the technician.
  12. After service, keep sanitation to as high a level as possible to allow all products to work as swiftly as possible. Do not touch cockroach gel or allow children or pets to get near.