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If you have a question for us, please reach out! We’d love to hear from you. We do get asked some questions time and time again, though - you’ll find those questions and their answers below.

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Frequently asked questions.

We get all kinds of question on all kinds of topics. From pets to possums, below are some questions that are on the minds of many customers.

How long do your treatments last?
Our products break down naturally with the elements of the environment (such as UV rays and moisture). To ensure your pest barrier stays in place, we recommend exterior treatments every 2 months (6 times a year). Products inside the home can last much longer, which is why we only treat the inside of the home on the initial service, or at request of the customer. This helps reduce the amount of product to which you and your family are exposed.

For mosquito yard fogs, we recommend treatments every 2 weeks for most customers, however some locations, especially those near water sources, may benefit from weekly fogs.
What happens when you use the fog?
Our technicians will treat the entire property with a product that is designed to break down slowly. Within 30 minutes after the treatment you will be able to enjoy a significant reduction in the mosquito population. Our team will treat the yard`s harborage areas for mosquitoes to suppress the population and give a quick knockdown.
Do you take care of rats, possums, mice, squirrels, racoons, and armadillos?
Yes we do. A technician will come out and give you a free no obligation estimate. The specialist will identify entry holes and design a plan to rid your home of invaders and prevent future critters from entering the home.
Can you take care of snakes in my yard?
Yes, we offer a snake repelling service. Our specialist will create a barrier around the property that will help prevent snakes from entering the yard. It’s a granular that lasts about a month. For best results, we recommend a recurring service every 30 days March – November.
Can you come to my house today?
Possibly! In most cases, we can perform same day services if you call our office before 2 pm, depending on route volume. If you call after 2 pm, next day service is the next best thing!
Is Natran an organic pest control company?
Natran is a green pest control company licensed and regulated by the Texas Department of Agriculture and the Structural Pest Control Services. We treat pests with minimum and reduced risk products, (e.g. botanical insecticides/mineral based dusts and powders). Our licensed professionals are trained and dedicated to design a low impact people, planet, and pet friendly pest control plan that fit each individual’s needs.
What type of payment do you accept?
We require credit cards on file for any recurring service. Checks and cash will be accepted for single services only and are due at the time of the service.
Do you treat dry wood termites?
No we do not. In my opinion the best way to kill off dry wood termites is to tent and fumigate the structure. Unlike subterranean termites, the dry wood termites don’t require moisture from the soil to survive.
Do you treat fleas?
Yes! We can help you prevent fleas with exterior treatments, or if you have an active infestation, we’ll work quickly to eliminate the population with a specialty treatment.
What does the fog include?
Our technician will treat the entire property with a product that is designed to break down slowly. Within 30 minutes after the treatment you will be able to enjoy a significant reduction in the mosquito population. Our Pest Management Professionals will treat the yard`s harborage areas for mosquitoes to suppress the population and give a “quick” knockdown.
How long do products last?
For pest control we recommend exterior follow-up treatments every 2 months. For mosquito yards fogs we recommend follow up treatments every 2 weeks for most customers, however some prefer weekly fogs. The environment and climate can affect the products residual. UV light and moisture deteriorate products quicker.
Do you treat bed bugs?
No, but we can recommend some pest control companies that do. Just give us a call for our recommendation for the Houston or Austin area.
How long do treatments take?
For most homes, initial treatments are scheduled for 90 minutes, and recurring service appointments are scheduled for 30 minutes. Some treatments could take longer depending on the size of the home and the severity of the infestation.
How safe is Natran pest control for my children and pets?
Our products and methods are effective and reduced to minimal risk, FIFRA 23b classified.
I won’t be home when you visit, so I can’t put my dog inside. What should I do?
Is there a better day when you can put your dog in? We prefer to treat when people/pets are not present to allow the product to dry uniformly. Can we reschedule for the backyard? Can we treat the front today or would you rather have it all done on the same day? If not, we can’t fog.
How do I pay?
We keep your credit card details on file for recurring services and offer auto-pay to make your pest control one less thing to worry about. Credit cards, checks and cash are accepted for single services and are paid at the time of the service. We accept all major credit cards, including American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. We can’t accept ACH payments at this time.
How long does the mosquito fog last?
We recommend treating the property March-November and having your yard fogged every 2 weeks to make sure there’s a consistent reduction in population. Botanical Insecticides and Minimal Risk Products are designed to break down faster so rainfall could hinder performance significantly.
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