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Eco-friendly pest control is designed to control household pests by avoiding synthetic chemicals, harsh solvents and products that can adversely affect people, pets and our planet. The program incorporates integrated pest management (IPM), botanically based  and other reduced- or minimum-risk products, and specialized equipment for the application of those products. One of the main benefits of eco-friendly methods of pest control is that you'll be able to benefit from the advantages of effective control and prevention of common household pests like mice, ants, roaches, water bugs and silverfish.

Both traditional and eco-friendly methods of pest control can be effective. However, the chemicals used in conventional methods of pest control in Houston have a negative impact on the local and even global environment. If not applied appropriately, it can disrupt whole ecosystems. Conventional use of traditional pesticides also impacts air quality -- both indoors and outdoors.

According to a recent study, about 75 percent of households have used at least one traditional pesticide product indoors in the past 12 months. Exposure to these pesticides can irritate eyes, damage the central nervous system, cause muscular weakness and induce nausea. Remember that the "-cide" in the word “pesticide” means "to kill."

Looking for reasons to use eco-friendly products in pest and rodent control? Here are some of the unique benefits.

Better for the environment and has a lower carbon impact. This is one of the core benefits of eco-friendly pest control. Environmental conservation and preservation are one of the main reasons why so many of our clients switch from traditional methods of controlling pests, transitioning to more plant-based products. These products contribute fewer greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, providing to a smaller overall footprint during our operation. Eco-friendly pest control won't be an issue in the surrounding environmental conditions -- including soil quality, water runoff and wildlife conservation.

Limiting the exposure of dangerous chemicals. Any amount of exposure to traditional pesticides can be dangerous, especially for young children or those with compromised immune systems. There are many active ingredients registered as pesticide products. Most work by halting biological functions like blood clotting. Bromadiolone and difethialone are popular ingredients used in methods of rodent control — and they are all noted anticoagulants. These ingredients are highly toxic when accidentally ingested or inhaled and can also irritate the skin and eyes.

Longer-lasting results. Eco-friendly pest control is also just as effective as traditional methods. Depending on the infestation, botanically based products can actually have better long-term effects. For example, some rodents may learn to stay away from specific traditional rodenticides. Eco-friendly products and solutions make it much harder for pests to resist treatments.

Regarding commercial pest control in Houston:

Adhering to local legislation. In pest management, eco-friendly products may be required to comply with many of our clients’ goals of meeting standards such as the USDA National Organic Program. Elimination of harmful rodenticide and pesticides may be mandated by a program so that a supplier can label their products as organic to the public.

About Natran Green Pest Control, Rodent Removal Houston

Natran Green Pest Control isn’t your average pest control company. We’re a team of professionals dedicated to people-, planet- and pet-friendly remediation of pests. We use specialized rodent baiting stations amd traps instead of traditional rodenticides. With conventional pest control, rodents can grow resistant to active ingredients, sometimes learning to avoid rodenticides entirely. Our combination of concealments, baiting stations and targeted trappings remove rodents quickly and securely from your home (or business).

Our Natranized plan is a monthly subscription program of our most popular services -- including general pest, termite and rodent control in Houston. This is a comprehensive solution that uses advanced preventative measures and highly effective green treatments that are designed to find and treat the cause of your infestation. To learn more about responsible rodent and pest control, contact us today.

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