Does Cold Weather Eliminate Bugs For The Winter?

In Houston as we drag ourselves to the light at the end of the tunnel to close out those hot months of August, September, and October we often say things like “we need a freeze to kill these mosquitoes”, but does cold weather really eliminate these pest?

The answer is no.

In an extremely cold year with freezes spanning over a couple of days yes, that can make a dent in the population, for that particular season. However due to the relatively short lifespan of pests like aphids, white-flies, and mites their populations can grow rapidly even if winter survival is low. But odds are we will never truly escape pests in our climate no matter how cold the temperatures might dip. As we all know here in Houston we do freeze, but that’s always followed by rising temperatures which don’t allow our temperatures to remain in the sub-fifty degree range for very long. With such a mild climate we have the perfect environment to support an eco-system of insects, pests and bugs 365 days a year.

In addition to our climate which supports these insects, they also have three main strategies for dealing with the cold: freeze tolerance, freeze avoidance, and migration. The migration factor is what Natran is here for when these pest migrate and seek shelter in your warm cozy home! As we have discussed many times in our blogs, those pests love the comfort of your home just as much as you do.

Our lesson here is, don’t forget about pest prevention even as you start to bundle up for these cold days!

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