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When deciding to tackle a Critter Control issue yourself or bring in a licensed professional, there are a few factors to consider. The safety of yourself and your family must always come first! Licensed professional Pest Control technicians are prepared for every aspect of Critter Control, and can provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Read through the below checklist, and make sure to reach out to a Critter Control professional with any questions!

Can I verify what kind of Critter is in my home?

Different animals show different signs of habitation, and many animals are dangerous to handle.

  • Raccoons leave behind a very strong smell of feces or urine, and make strange noises that you will be able to hear within your walls.
  • Rats and Mice leave gnawed holes, droppings, and nests. You will also hear scampering noises, especially during nighttime hours.
  • Possums can leave behind droppings as large as a house cat and often make loud vocal noises. There will be a very strong smell from the droppings soaking into insulation.

The type of Critter in your home will greatly affect the method of Critter Control used to eradicate the problem. If you cannot easily identify the type of Critter in your home, contact a professional to schedule a free inspection.

Can I safely explore and dispose of any dead animals that I might find?

Animal feces, remains, and live animals can be extremely dangerous. Without proper training and means of disposal, it is possible to contract diseases such as rabies, which is life-threatening. When it comes to removing anything relating to Critter Control from your home, it is best left to a Pest Control expert for safety’s sake.

How bad is the infestation, and will it require several run-throughs?

Critter Control, depending on the level of severity, can take several visits from a professional to remove from a home. Critters like mice, rats, and possums can create nests in impossible to reach places, requiring the intervention of a professional. In addition, Critter Control processes often dictate that the property be checked a few more times to ensure the infestation has been properly dealt with.

Overall, for the sake of safety, it is best to leave it to the professionals when it comes to Critter Control. Choosing the right company can ensure the safety and health of your family for the duration of your stay in your home, and prevent any contraction of diseases or unneccesary home repairs. Trust in a licensed professional when it comes to Critter Control!

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