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DIY v. Professional Rodent Removal in Houston: Which is Best?

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As any Houston homeowners know, there are always two choices that come with getting rid of invasive rodents. On the one hand, you can go at it on your own and try to fix the problem. On the other hand, you can hire a professional to get the job done.

The do-it-yourself or DIY way is a favorite of homeowners, and that’s for good reason. When you are able to do your own home repairs, you have a sense of accomplishment. You feel proud knowing that you can take care of your own home, and you feel confident that you can handle other problems. The more work you do around your own home, the more you learn, and the more likely it’ll be that you’re able to make other repairs in the long run. You’ll better understand how your house works, and you’ll be able to troubleshoot on your own when something seems off.

Having a professional handle your rodent removal can be beneficial in other ways. For one thing, a professional rodent removal service in Houston knows how to get rid of rodents better than the average homeowner. When you hire a professional to take care of rodents, you get access to a professional who has seen a lot in Houston. Experts in rodent removal, like the ones at Natran Green Pest Control, know where rodents like to hide, make their nests and find food. 

Now that we’re halfway through winter, rodents may seem like they’ve gone dormant, but they’re still out there, just waiting to get into your home. Even if you think you haven’t seen any signs of pests around your home, there’s a good chance they’re still nearby and very anxious to get inside.

If you’re dealing with a rodent infestation in your Houston home, then you do have options when it comes to treating the problem. You can go at it alone, or you can hire a professional to remove the rodents. Both options have their perks and drawbacks. It will ultimately be up to you to decide whether the DIY or professional route is right for you.

To help you decide, here’s our easy comparison guide to DIY v. professional rodent removal in Houston.

The perks of DIY rodent removal

Going the DIY route when it comes to getting rid of rodents gives you full control of what you want to do in your home. Not everyone is comfortable spraying a bunch of chemicals in their homes, and if you’re doing the job yourself, then you can decide which chemicals you’d like to introduce into your home. You might have children or pets, so using heavy chemicals may not be doable for you and your family.

Doing the rodent removal yourself also means that you’re in charge of whether or not you want to trap and release or kill the animal. You can do your own trapping and releasing wherever you’d like. Since most rodent cages are made of metal, you can usually keep reusing them, which saves you money. You can also decide where to set the rodents free once you’ve trapped them. There are plenty of parks in the city and open fields in the suburbs where rodents would be free to live happily.

You also have control over how much you tear apart your home looking for the source of the infestation. With some less professional pest control companies, the employees can make a mess of your home while trying to determine the source of the infestation. When you’re doing the exterminating on your own, you can take your time going through your home and carefully checking behind drywall and inspecting your attic.

Perhaps the biggest reason Houston homeowners turn to DIY rodent removal tactics is the cost. Buying a few mouse traps will cost a lot less than paying a professional to come out and remove the rodents for you. Some months, especially those near the holidays or around birthdays, can feel especially hard on your wallet, and the last thing you want to do is spend even more money when you don’t necessarily have to.

But the DIY cost of rodent removal can be a double-edged sword, depending on the type of home you have and the infestation itself. That’s what we’ll get into next.

The drawbacks of DIY rodent removal

Of all the DIY projects you can tackle in your home, DIY rodent removal is a tough one. Fixing a leak under your sink is one thing. Getting rid of mice living in your wall is a whole different story.

Remember, rodents aren’t just mice and rats. Opossums and racoons are rodents as well. If you think you have a rat in your attic then later discover it’s an opossum, are you going to feel comfortable trapping a live animal? What will you do if you accidentally poison and kill it? While no one wants a live animal living in their attics, most Houstonians would rather trap and release live animals than kill then, but if a homeowner uses too much poison and accidentally kills the animal, it will be on them to remove it.

And animals don’t always die in plain sight. Rodents can die behind your drywall or out of sight so you don’t discover the body until it has decomposed in your attic.

That’s not the only concern with DIY rodent removal in Houston. You do have to deal with the potential for costs to run out of control. Even if you’ve chosen a few modest traps, there’s no guarantee that they will work on the rats or mice. It might take several doses of rat poisoning or more traps placed all over your home to finally catch the rat or rodents making your life difficult.

If you’ve never dealt with rodent infestations before, then it can be difficult to actually pinpoint where rodents are getting into your home, and that can be a serious problem. If you can’t identify the source, then your rodent problem will come right back before too long. 

The perks of hiring a professional rodent removal company in Houston

There are a lot of solid benefits to hiring a professional rodent company in Houston. The most obvious is that someone else is doing the hard work and heavy lifting for you. You don’t have to bring your own rat poisoning or set traps. It’s not up to you to discover where the rodents are getting into your home or how they’re doing it. Your rodent control expert will handle all of that while you relax and focus on other areas of your life.

While pest control companies in Houston will bring their own chemicals and traps, only Natran Green Pest Control focuses on green pest control methods. We believe the harsh chemicals can poison not only rodents, but also children and pets. We know homeowners want to be free of rodents in their homes, but there are other green rodent control methods that work well and do not use harsh chemicals. Our priority is protecting your family and the earth, so we avoid using harsh chemicals in our treatments.

When you hire a professional to get rid of rodents, you also get that professional’s expertise. At Natran, all of our experts have worked on thousands of homes across Houston, and their work has left them with a great deal of knowledge about how rodents get into your home, what they look for, where they make nests and how to get them out again. We encourage all our customers to ask questions of our experts and take advantage of their knowledge. Want to know what it is about your home that could be attracting rodents? Ask our experts. Need some tips on cleaning up around your home to make it less accessible to rodents? Ask the expert.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional like Natran to take care of your rodent infestation is that our experts won’t stop until they find the source of the infestation. Rodents can find a number of different places to exploit in your home. Over the last few years, roof rats have become more common in Houston homes where tree branches hang low over the rooftops. Roof rats use those branches like bridges to get to your roof and exploit a role or weakness. Once they make their way into your attic, it can be hard to get them back out again.

Finally, working with a professional gives you peace of mind. If problems with a rodent infestation persist, a professional pest control company will keep working with you to stop the problem once and for all. If you have questions or concerns, you can always reach back out to the company and get your questions answered right away. At Natran, we believe in 100% satisfaction for all of our customers, so we won’t stop until our customers feel satisfied with every aspect of our services.

The drawbacks of hiring a professional rodent removal company in Houston

When Houston homeowners consider hiring a professional to get rid of rodents in their homes, the price tag is usually their biggest concern. To us at Natran, that makes sense.

We know that many homeowners in Houston work hard, and their paychecks go to their savings accounts, their student loan bills and fun expenses like trips to the zoo. Everyone would rather avoid spending money they don’t have to and money where they can.

While that makes sense in general, that’s not always the best practice when it comes to rodent removal in Houston. The fact is, rodents are actually pretty smart, and they’re good about exploiting every little crevice and crack in your home to their advantage. Sometimes, traditional traps and poisons aren’t enough. It may be possible that you’re wrong in your guess of where the infestation is coming from.

There’s a lot to know about rodent removal in Houston, but unless you’re in the business yourself, it can be hard to effectively remove rodents from your home — and ensure that they won’t come back.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for, and with rodent removal in Houston, that’s definitely the case. When you look to cut corners with price, then you can be certain that those rodents will be back with a vengeance before too long.

Some rodent removal companies in Houston are also not as dedicated to finding the source of the infestation as others. In their minds, if the rodents keep coming back, then it means repeat business. We at Natran know that’s no way to do business. Our technicians look for entry points all over homes to decipher exactly where it is that rodents are getting into your home, and once they find the source, they’ll help you patch it up or make changes to your home to stop pests from continuing to try and infiltrate home.

We know Houstonians have a lot of options when it comes to rodent removal. Some people are real go-getters and like to take on home improvement projects. They don’t mind learning something new, and they’re willing to troubleshoot and tinker until they get the project finished.

But when it comes to rodent removal in Houston, the trial-and-error method is not always easy or financially doable. It can take months to uncover exactly where rodents are entering your home and even longer to finally catch them. If they’re coming in at multiple points, then you may be catching rats and mice for well over a year without coming closer to actually stopping them from coming in at all.

Hiring a professional rodent removal company is the best way to treat a rodent problem in your home. You don’t want to live for long among rats, mice and other rodents, and with a professional company, you don’t have to. Expert technicians like those at Natran will work with you to rid your home of rodents and stop them from coming into your home once and for all.

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