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Grocery stores have a lot on the line when it comes to pest control—especially when social media makes it easy to spread information at lightning speed that could potentially damage your reputation and even your revenue. We understand the unique challenges grocery stores face; from the loading dock to the produce section, to entrances and exits that stay busy all day. Our solution is integrated pest management.

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The IPM Difference

Integrated Pest Management for Grocery Stores

With numerous points of potential infestation, grocery stores are ripe targets for pests. In addition to obvious locations such as produce displays, waste disposal areas, and entry and exit points, some areas tend to be overlooked as pest targets, such as:

  • Employee break rooms and locker areas
  • Loading docks
  • Display cases and appliances
  • Butcher and bakery departments

Using an integrated pest management strategy, we will inspect, identify, treat, and prevent any pest issues using biological, physical, and cultural methods of pest exclusion, restriction, destruction, and monitoring. Unlike spraying pesticides, it’s a long-term solution that continuously monitors your environment to create barriers to infestation. While we may use targeted products in some cases, the process is a low-impact solution that’s people-friendly, helping keep your customers and staff from exposure to toxic substances.

IPM in grocery stores is Methodical and Effective

Implementing an IPM plan is a methodical, phased process. This approach comprises four main stages, including:

  • Detection and exclusion – finding pest access points and creating barriers to them, ensuring proper sanitation protocols are in place, and training personnel to monitor harborage areas and oversee cleaning and storage processes
  • Restriction – implementing control and maintenance measures, appointing internal and external resources to perform regular inspection and document results
  • Destruction – taking a proactive approach to pest management through examining where pests are coming from and why, what types of damage is occurring, and the extent of pest populations to inform how to best destroy and prevent infestation
  • Monitoring – continuously inspecting, evaluating, and documenting pest management, including updating or adapting plans as needed

In concert with standardized processes around sanitation, waste disposal, and product quality control and placement, IPM will help ensure your pest issues are resolved with minimal pesticide use.

Our Reimbursement Guarantee

Natran is committed to keeping your animal care facility pest-free—that’s why we offer a reimbursement guarantee. If you’ve been under contract with Natran for 90 days or more, we will reimburse you 100 percent on any health inspection fines for the pests we’re contracted to treat.*

*Restrictions apply. The service location must have no open sanitation, structural, or other unresolved conducive issues as indicated on inspection reports/site logs, and the customer must be current with their account, comply with all recommendations made by Natran technicians, complete all recommended corrective actions in a timely manner, and not skip any service visits. Reimbursement is limited to pests covered in the service agreement.

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Garrett Weiss

Commercial Property ManagerPresidium

"Great pest control company in Houston. Natran only uses green product, safe for pets and people (and it smells pleasant, too). I hired them to provide pest control services for my office buildings in Houston. When they took over the buildings, I had many tenants with complaints. Now, after their services, I have no complaints from tenants - NONE. It's really remarkable. I can't say enough good things about the technician, Chris. He's friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable of the needs of a commercial office setting, regarding pest control treatment."

Debbie Love

OwnerFranks Pizza

"My service with Natran has been good for a long time. Since Cedric has been doing my service, I have had no problems with bugs and I am amazed. He really has my restaurants under control! I so very happy with Natran and especially with Cedric!"

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