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Did you know that Texas law requires all school districts to adopt an integrated pest management (IPM) program? Your school or daycare facility doubtless makes the safety of your students your top priority. IPM is part of keeping kids’ environments safe and pest-free so that they can learn and play without pests potentially spreading disease.

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The IPM Difference

What is IPM for schools and daycares?

IPM is a science-based strategy that uses cultural and biological interventions such as monitoring and inspection, reactive methods, and lower-risk, long-term prevention of pest issues and the conditions that create them. Multiple studies have shown that an IPM approach reduces the use of pesticides in schools by up to 93 percent, as product-based treatments are used only if non-chemical measures are not effective enough.

The EPA has gone so far as to create a School IPM Strategic Plan as a way of regulating students’ health and safety. It advocates monitoring pest locations and populations and creating action plans to target key pests using sanitation, structural maintenance, and non-chemical methods, along with pesticides as needed. IPM means not only mitigating pest issues in your school or daycare, but also protecting students, teachers, and staff by limiting their exposure to pesticides.


Natran will identify any pests present around your animals and create a strategy to eradicate existing pests and prevent new ones from disrupting your business and the animals’ quality of life. This strategy could include:
  • Exclusion – physically arranging things to prevent pests from entering your environment
  • Sanitation – keeping all animal areas clean, including in between visits at vets’ offices and groomers
  • Repellents – creating an undesirable environment for pests to thrive
  • Habitat management – ensuring kennel areas, bedding, and play areas are clean and safe
  • Removal – trapping, baiting, or relocating pests such as rodents or cockroaches
Products, such as our botanical insecticides,  are typically used only if other methods are not effective, and Natran will exclusively use low-impact solutions that are pet- and people-friendly.

Our Reimbursement Guarantee

Natran is invested in keeping schools and daycares free of problem pests. That’s why we offer a 100 percent reimbursement guarantee for any health inspection fines your facility receives once you are more than 90 days into your contract with us.*

*Restrictions apply. The service location must have no open sanitation, structural, or other unresolved conducive issues as indicated on inspection reports/site logs, and the customer must be current with their account, comply with all recommendations made by Natran technicians, complete all recommended corrective actions in a timely manner, and not skip any service visits. Reimbursement is limited to pests covered in the service agreement.

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Ariel Dochstader Miller

Senior ManagerCompany Name

The Natran employees are highly informed and really listed to what I have to say. I told Natran that I love spiders, so they take care of all my pests, but leave the spiders around my home and at the school. Natran's mosquito buckets made an immediate impact on our mosquito levels. Max cam out and worked with me and there was a huge difference within a week. This was so important for us regarding the comfort of our students being able to learn outdoors.

Christine Aldakkour

Senior ManagerCompany Name

If we weren't using Natran Green Pest Control, I would be constantly paranoid about chemicals. We clean a lot anyway, but I think I would be constantly cleaning and paranoid about harmful chemicals effective myself, our employees, and the guests. Natran really went above and beyond the call of service when I discovered a wasps nest. They sent Ken out the next day and he sprayed, he took his time, and looked anywhere else he thought the wasps could be hiding and we have never seen one since.

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