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“The #1 Green Commercial
Pest Control Service In Houston, Texas“

Don’t let pests eat away your profits and your business reputation. At Natran, we provide an innovative and effective solution to ongoing commercial pest problems.

Our Commercial EcoZone™ Protection Plan combines advanced, proactive treatments with pests’ seasonal habits to keep your property protected year round.

Did you know that there are approximately 3 million annual poisonings worldwide that are attributed to exposure to conventional pesticides? Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Houston’s original green pest control company wants to help minimize those kinds of risks — created by the often unnecessary and hazardous chemicals used in traditional pest control practices.

Natran Green Pest Control is passionate about maintaining the health and environmental integrity of our shared community. The Natran Team is entrusted with the protection and care of over 300 commercial properties in Houston — and are 100% committed to keeping the employees and residents of those properties guarded from both common pests as well as unnecessary exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Using the lowest-impact, most responsible products available and advanced Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques, Natran provides property managers and business owners both guaranteed protection and priceless peace-of-mind.

The Natran

  • Smart, responsible and guaranteed pest protection
  • Sustainable, low-impact solutions for minimal risk to our planet
  • Botanically based GREEN repellents to protect people and pets
  • Customized pest protection plan designed just for your home
  • Flexible same- and next-day appointment scheduling
  • Unlimited warranty on all pest protection plans
  • Year-round service and full warranty for non-stop coverage
  • In business for more than a dozen years and growing
  • Rated as Houston’s Pest & Termite Control Best Pick for 8 consecutive years
  • Locally owned and operated in the Greater Houston Metro Area

Why Choose Natran Green
Pest Control?

Natran Green Pest Control is rated #1 in Houston for a reason. Our team of expert exterminators is committed to ridding your property of pests and preventing a problem in the future. We’re easy to work with and our products are green, responsible and 100% effective.

After we schedule an appointment that’s convenient for you, one of our team members will visit your business to perform a free inspection and develop a custom extermination plan just for your facility.

No matter what type of pest control needs you have, our team is equipped to address them for good:

  • Termite Control: Our state-of-the-art baiting control system gets rid of entire termite colonies where they live, and prevents future infestations.
  • Pest Control: From cockroaches to silverfish, we treat your entire home to kill these common insects on the spot. Then, we create an invisible 10-foot perimeter to keep them from coming back.
  • Live Animal Control: Whether you’re dealing with rats, birds, snakes, or another critter, our euthanasia-free treatment is 100% effective and comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Mosquito Control: Our powerful, botanically based “fog” formula and automated misting systems repel mosquitoes without polluting your property with unnecessary chemicals.

All of our pest control products are completely green. Protect your business and employees with Natran Green Pest Control.

We’ve been rated the best green commercial pest control in Houston for 8 straight years.

Green, Effective, Botanically Based
Commercial Pest Control. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

  • We will treat the entire interior of the building, focusing on any other entry points or infested areas.
  • We will establish an invisible 10-ft insect barrier around the exterior perimeter of your property to keep pests out before they ever have a chance to invade your building(s).
  • We will keep coming back until infesting insects and/or wildlife are completely eliminated — and your satisfactions are 100% met.

Our General Pest Control
Coverage Includes:

American Cockroaches

Fire Ants



Pharaoh Ants



Rover Ants

What Our Customers

Natran has kept the mosquitos away so that the kids can play! Safe for my family and pets we have used Natran for years and will continue!

Andrea V.

Cole was great! Been very pleased with this company and with the customer service! Since having them come, we’ve had no bug issues indoors. I have friends who do the more conventional toxic spray, and they still have bug issues!

Brittany T.

Had my yard sprayed. .. and OMG! . I’m so greatly in awe! Thanks so much for Natran, I can finally spend time in my back yard. I will continuously call them over and over to recieve the great customer service and great on time service we had. Thank you Jeremy F, can’t wait to have you back

Trisha M.

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