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How To Have A Great Staycation And The Impact of Travel On Earth’s Environment

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Even if this year’s family vacation is one that does not require leaving your home, you will still need a good plan to make sure you make the most of your staycation. It can be easy to feel as though because you are at home, you are not really on vacation and you can tend to the duties of every day life. However, this should not be further from the truth while you and your family are enjoying a vacation within the walls of your own house. Keep reading below to learn some tips that will make your staycation a vacation to remember.

Tip 1: Hire A Professional To Clean Your Home

Before you embark on your staycation, hire a professional to clean your home. This not only feels rather indulgent, but will help you to relax and escape throughout your vacation time. If your home is not tidy before you start your staycation, the mess may bring you back to reality and out of vacation mode. Additionally, you are saving money by enjoying a vacation at home. Use that extra cash to enjoy the luxuries of life, like a professional cleaning service.

Tip 2: Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Freshening up your bedroom with fresh flowers, a favorite candle and some new sheets is another way to get into the staycation spirit. This will help you to feel as though it is not just another day at home, but it is a relaxing start to your special staycation.

Tip 3: Rotate Treating Each Member Of Your Family To Room Service

To some, one of the best parts about vacationing in a hotel is the luxury of room service. Just because you are staying at home and not lodging in a five star hotel does not mean that you cannot still enjoy that special treatment. If you and your partner or family are all staycationing together, take turns treating each other to room service. This can be as simple as serving breakfast or coffee in bed to one another or serving your child a fun late night snack as they watch a movie. 

Tip 4: Purchase “Souvenirs” For Your Staycation

In order to really feel a separation from every day life and your staycation experience, it can help to purchase souvenirs for your family that you can use each day of the vacation. For example, you can purchase a new coffee mug to use every morning while on your staycation. To make this time a bit more special for your children, try purchasing them some new pajamas or some fun socks to wear while you all lounge around the house.

Tip 5: Buy The Indulgent Foods You Always Want To Try At The Grocery Store

If you are planning to cook at home during your staycation, this is a great time to purchase those indulgent foods you have had your eye on for weeks. Let there be no hard rules when it comes to meal planning and prepping during a staycation. If you want to have a slice of cake for breakfast or pancakes for dinner, enjoy it.

Tip 6: Delete Your Work E-mail Application From Your Phone

When you take a vacation to a far away city, you usually leave your work at home. Although it might seem simple to quickly check your work e-mail while you are on a staycation, try to refrain from doing so. You want to treat your staycation as a real vacation where you unplug from your devices and live in the moment.

Tip 7: Do Not Forget To Document Your Staycation

Just because you may not be in the presence of beautiful beaches or towering mountains does not mean that your staycation does not deserve to be well documented. As you are at home enjoying this quality time with your family, make sure to take plenty of phots so that you can all look back on these precious memories you have made together. 

There are more reasons other than the excitement and novelty of a staycation that make it a good idea for you and your family. Traditional traveling, and especially by airplane, will have a negative impact on the environment. Enjoying a staycation instead of a vacation somewhere far away helps to reduce your own impact on the planet. Keep reading to learn more about how the travel industry is affecting the environment and how sustainability within this industry could help preserve Earth’s environment.

The Environmental Impact of Air Travel

Although traveling is a great way to gain new life experiences and to become exposed to diversity in our world, it is unfortunately one of the most environmentally harmful activities that humans will take part in. Air travel alone is responsible for about two percent of carbon dioxide emissions. As people are beginning to fly more often, this number is swiftly rising. Read below to learn some of the ways in which the aviation industry is having a negative impact on the planet.

Airplanes Burn Fossil Fuels

In order to make their journey, airplanes must burn finite fossil fuels including gasoline or petrol based fuels names Avgas or Aviation Gasoline. In addition to burning these fossil fuels, airplanes also emit greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere, such as CO2, and leave contrails at a high altitude. These emissions at a higher altitude make them especially damaging to Earth’s climate. Although greenhouse emissions per airplane passenger per 1,000 meters travelled is similar to driving, each passenger tends to fly much further than they would drive. Every year, air travel across the world is growing at a rate of more than six percent which is one reason to enjoy a staycation in your home city, as opposed to flying to a further destination for vacation. 

Airports And Infrastructure

It is easy to believe that all of the impact airplanes have on the environment is due to burning fossil fuels or emitting greenhouse gases. However, the building of airports and all infrastructure that surrounds the aviation industry, including terminals, runways, ground transportation, maintenance facilities and shopping centers, is even further cause for concern when it comes to the environment. Airports and aviation infrastructure are known to have high carbon footprints as they use notable amounts of land, water, energy and other precious resources.

Recently, there has been some action that makes airports greener and more sustainable due to the Airport Carbon Accreditation program. This international program independently assess and recognizes an airports efforts to reduce their CO2 emissions and manage their impact on the environment. Even with this program in place, the use of resources throughout the aviation industry, including airports and infrastructure, is still high. 

The Environmental Impact of Travel Accommodation

When you hang the “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door in your hotel room, you are not only requesting that hotel staff skip your room for cleaning, but you are also helping the hotel to have less of an impact on Earth’s environment. By simply leaving this sign on your hotel room door, you are contributing to the conservation of over 6,000 gallons of water. Six-thousand gallons is the amount of water used in one month by the average 150 room hotel. In addition to water waste, hotels also emit 60 million tons of CO2 every year. 

Read below to learn more about the environmental impact of hotels in the United States and to learn the advantages of going green in this specific sector of the hospitality industry.

To put the annual CO2 emissions of hotels into perspective, the amount of CO2 these establishments release into the environment is equal to the amount of CO2 that is released by nineteen volcanic eruptions. If hotels were to decrease their energy output by only ten percent, it would be the same as planting over one million acres of pine trees. The amount of energy that hotels in the United States spend every year is 7.5 billion dollars. The yearly energy used by hotels is 84.7 billion kWh. This is enough energy to provide power to 9.6 million blow dryers or 64.5 million televisions. If American hotels would reduce their energy usage by ten percent, they would save 8.47 billion kWh per year. This would be enough energy to power Washington D.C. for over one year. When it comes to waste production, hotels are far from reaching an eco-friendly standard. Each year, hotels will create 1.9 billion pounds of waste. This is enough waste to fill your suitcase with garbage 37 million times. Hotels which are more sustainable in their business practices will send fifty to seventy-five percent less waste to America’s landfills. This is the equivalent to saving over 206 football fields packed three feet high with waste. Water waste is another striking issue when it comes to the impact that hotels have on the environment. The average American hotel will use 219 billion gallons of water per year. Shockingly, this is enough water to allow one person to shower for 277 years non-stop. In contrast, sustainably minded hotels could save 65.7 billion gallons of water per year, or the equivalent of 99,545 Olympic-size swimming pools. 

If it is necessary that you and your family take a vacation which includes airplane travel and hotel accommodation, there are ways that you can lessen your environmental impact on your journey.

Tips That Will Help You To Stay Green On Your Vacation

Tip1: Use Public Transportation When Possible

Instead of relying on taxi cabs to get you to your next destination, try to use the bus or a train. This simple choice is beneficial to the environment, as trains use seventy-five percent less energy and produce eighty-five percent less air pollution than cars. Additionally, taking public transportation is many times more cost efficient and can give you extra time to sit back and relax on your vacation.

Tip 2: Choose To Stay In Eco-Friendly Hotels Or Other Accommodations

In recent years, many hotels, bed and breakfasts or farmhouses have committed to minimizing their impact on the environment. Some of these lodging companies are better than others at operating with a low impact, so make sure to do your research before you travel. You can ask the accommodation about what they are doing to reduce their carbon footprint or to conserve energy and water at their business. 

Tip 3: Walk Or Ride A Bike As A Means Of Transportation

Not only is riding your bike a great way to reduce your own environmental impact, but it can also help you to discover new and exciting surrounding that may otherwise have been missed from a car, train or bus. In addition, walking riding a bike is a good way to get some quality exercise while on vacation.

Tip 3: Pack As Little As Possible

Heavier airplanes will produce more carbon emissions. If you choose to pack light, only including the essentials in your suitcase, you can help to lessen your airplane’s impact on the environment.

Tip 4: Bring A Refillable Water Bottle With You

One million plastic water bottles are purchased every minute across the world. When you choose to use a refillable water bottle instead of purchasing single use plastic bottles, you are contributing to less oil used, less green house gasses emitted and less land and water pollution.  Bringing your own water bottle is not only beneficial when traveling, but is also a good habit to get into in your every day life.

Tip 5: Bring Your Own Reusable Straws

Plastic straws have recently gained a reputation for being harmful to the environment and especially to marine life. Every day, Americans use five hundred million of these unnecessary plastic drinking tools which is having detrimental effects on the environment. Plastic straws never biodegrade and will only break into tiny pieces called micro plastics. These micro plastics release chemicals into the soil, air and water which have damaging effects on not only animals, but plants, people and the overall environment. Take a metal drinking straw with you on your next vacation as a way to reduce your impact on Earth’s delicate ecosystems.

We hope you have a fantastic staycation with your loved ones and that you are inspired to think more sustainably on your next vacation.

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