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Five Reasons Why Houston Is A Great Place To Raise A Family

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As one of the largest cities in the United States, it is no wonder that Houston is a well rounded and desirable place to live. The Bayou City hosts many activities, educational opportunities, affordable places to live and more for anyone who decides to move here. Keep reading to learn more about why Houston is a great place to live and an even better place to raise your children. 

1. Affordability In The Housing Market and A Low Cost of Living

Houston, Texas remains one of the least expensive cities to live anywhere in the United States. Compared to other urban areas across America, Houston proudly boats a low cost of living with a fantastic quality of life. Housing costs in Houston are notably less than the twenty most populated metropolitan areas in the United States. Today, the median rental price for a one bedroom apartment in Houston is $1,100, while you can score a two bedroom apartment for about $1,350. If your family is looking to purchase a home in Houston, Texas, you will find that the average home sale price is approximately $216, 575. This is conveniently about three percent less than the national average. In many cases, it is possible to purchase a spacious three bedroom home with a yard and a garage in Houston for as much as a two bedroom apartment might cost you elsewhere. Due to Houston’s sprawling suburban areas, you may even be able to get more house for your buck without having to sacrifice quality of life if you live further away from the Inner Loop. Due to its enormous size, you have plenty of affordable home options to choose from in Houston. This can be beneficial as your family begins to grow and you need more space to raise your children. 

Not only would you benefit from lower housing costs in Houston, but the low cost of living will allow your family to enjoy many additional perks of living in Houston, including the many great restaurants, museums and more. The cost of living in Houston is two percent lower than the average cost of living in the United States. Paired with low housing costs, the low cost of living will allow you to enjoy a more comfortable and enriched life with your family.

2. Houston is Home To The Most Diverse Population in the United States

If it is important to you that your children are exposed to a variety of different cultures and types of people, then Houston is a great place to raise a family. According to the personal finance website WalletHub, Houston is now ranked the number one most diverse city in the United States, surpassing New York City and Los Angeles. Houston’s Vietnamese and Nigerian populations are the third largest in America and there are a fantastic number of Hispanic, African American and Asian communities within the city. In addition to being ethnically diverse, Houston is also welcoming to people of all different identities and orientations. In fact, Annise Parker, the mayor of Houston, is the first openly gay person to manage a large city in the United States. It has been shown that children who are exposed to more diverse populations when they are young will become more tolerant, respectful and inclusive as they reach adulthood. 

3. Houston Is A Proud Leader In The Development and Improvements of Green Space

Houston is proudly home to over 50,000 acres of green space. In recent years, Houston has undergone a sort of green space renaissance, where new parks with nature and biking trails are being added and older parks are being cleaned up and beautified for Houstonians to further enjoy. The $220 million recreation and conservation project Bayou Greenways 2020 has unofficially started, as they begin to use Houston’s famous bayous to connect Houstonians with nature, as well as improve wildlife conservation.

Parks and Outdoor Spaces To Explore In Houston

Hermann Park

Hermann Park offers Houstonians 445 acres of green space and includes a railroad, a zen Japanese garden, a golf course and more. 

Memorial Park

Memorial Park in Houston impressively boasts more square footage than New York City’s Central Park. This outdoor space is a great choice for those who enjoy jogging, tennis and walking trails.

Discovery Green

Sometimes referred to as the Heart of Houston, Discovery Green hosts over 600 events every year, all of which are free to the public. You can also enjoy kayak rides, Tai Chi, yoga, boat rides, concerts, shuffleboard, an array of relaxing gardens, beautiful fountains and more.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park features a sprawling 160 acres of green space with stunning gardens and landscaping, hiking trails, biking trails, paddle craft and bike rentals, the number one dog park in Houston, a creative play area for the children, areas to picnic and more.

Rice University 

Rice University is situated near the edge of Houston’s Medical Center and offers the welcome shade of humongous oak trees, along with a three mile running and walking trail. 

Levy Park

One of the newer additions to Houston’s growing collection of green spaces is Levy Park. This park is located in the Upper Kirby neighborhood and offers fun weekly events, a splash park, a dog park and more.

4. Your Children Will Receive A Quality Education In Houston

Houston has a great selection of distinguished schools for all ages, in both the public and private school realms. Some of these schools, including Carnegie Vanguard, DeBakey High School for Health Professions and Memorial High School, even rank nationally. The Houston Independent School District is the largest school district in the state of Texas, operating over 280 schools. This is good news for parents who value their child’s education, as the larger a school district is, the more resources there are available to students. The Houston Independent School District was honored by US News Best High School report specifically for its efforts to expand AP programs.

As your children grow and prepare to enter college, they will have a vast number of Texas colleges to choose from and can enjoy the benefit of in-state tuition rates. There is also a huge selection of community colleges and fantastic universities in Houston, such as The University of Houston and Rice University, if your family decides that it is best for your child to attend college in the Houston area.

5. There Are Plenty of Fun and Educational Activities For Children and Adults Alike

Houston offers those who live here a fantastic selection of museums and other activities to enjoy during leisure time. Many of these exciting events take place indoors which can be especially beneficial during the summer months as Houston’s weather becomes hot and humid. Read below for more information about just a few of the many fun filled activities to enjoy with your little ones or your spouse in Houston.

The Museum District

For those who enjoy museums and the wonders of art, science and history, Houston’s museum district will be a favorite destination within the city limits. You and your family can explore up to nineteen museums, within a twelve block radius. You can even enjoy free admission to many of these museums every Thursday.

The Children's Museum of Houston

The Children’s museum of Houston offers children fourteen galleries with interactive exhibits for an education and fun filled afternoon. This museum has even been ranked the number one children’s museum in the United States by MSN.com.

The Contemporary Arts Museum Houston

Filled with interesting and beautiful contemporary art, the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston provides Houstonians with the opportunity to enjoy international, national and local art throughout the past forty years.

The Asia Society Texas Center

The Asia Society Texas Center is the newest addition to Houston’s vast museum district. This stunning facility features an energetic gallery space, conference areas, classrooms, a performance theater, spaces for receptions and more.

The Houston Museum of Natural Science

As educational as it is fun, the Houston Museum of Natural Science features the Burke Baker Planetarium, the Wortham IMAX Theater, the Cockrell Butterfly Center and an array of permanent and rotating exhibitions.

The Houston Zoo

Bring your children to the Houston Zoo where you can stare in awe at more than 4,500 exotic animals. This zoo gives you and your family the opportunity to experience over 800 species of animals right in one place.


This non-profit art center affords Houstonians the opportunity to enjoy visual, performance and literary arts.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

As one of the largest and most impressive collections of fine art anywhere in the United States, the Museum of Fine Arts Houston houses over 45,000 works of art.

The Menil Collection

The Menil Collection is considered by many to be one of the most valued private art collections of the 20th century. This collection features almost 15,000 painting, prints, sculptures, drawings, photos and books.

The Houston Museum of African American Culture

The Houston Museum of African American Culture is a fantastic way to explore the lives and history of Africans and African Americans through exhibitions, films and lectures.

The Theater District

With a variety of venues to choose from, you and your family can enjoy fabulous theater performances and shows in Houston’s lively theater district.

The Galleria Shopping Mall

A mall may not sound like it would be a highlight of a city like Houston, however the Galleria is anything but an ordinary mall. This energetic and gigantic mall attracts thirty million visitors every year and houses more than 400 stores and restaurants. You can also bring your children or spouse to The Galleria’s indoor ice skating rink for some fun on the ice.

The Underground Tunnel Tour

One of the lesser known attractions in Houston is the Underground Tunnel Tour. Houston is home to the world’s most extensive collection of tunnels for pedestrians and you can tour these tunnels to explore all that they have to offer as well as how they came to fruition.

Activities Geared Toward Children

Space Center Houston

The NASA Johnson Space Center is lucky enough to call Houston home and Houstonians are lucky enough to be able to visit the Space Center Houston to learn about all things outer space. Just a few of many cool and exciting things to do and see at the Space Center Houston include Rocket Park, the neutral buoyancy lab, Independence Plaza, space capsules, a lunar module, robonauts, the Mars Yard and the mission control center where the fateful words “Houston, we've had a problem” were muttered during the Apollo 13 mission in 1973.

The Downtown Aquarium

While you can explore the endless wonders of space here in Houston, you can also pay a visit to the Downtown Aquarium to learn more about the many fascinating qualities of the depths of earth’s oceans. You can even take a ride on a Ferris wheel and enjoy a breathtaking view of Houston’s skyline. 

4. The Texas Medical Center

While Houston’s leisure activities are almost enough to convince anyone to raise a family in this wonderful city, the Texas Medical Center is perhaps a more practical reason to choose Houston as your family’s home. The Texas Medical Center is the largest medical complex in the world with the largest number of facilities for patients to receive care, as well as basic science and research centers and two medical schools, four nursing schools and other institutions for specialized medicines. The M.D. Anderson Cancer Center ranks as the world’s number one cancer care hospital in the United States with patients from all over the country traveling to receive care there from some of the world’s best doctors.

5. Large Job Market

Possibly one of Houston’s most attractive features and major benefits is that this fantastic city boasts a wonderful job market. You can find an abundance of jobs in Houston within the fields of oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, healthcare and more. Houston is also a great place to continue or begin a career in engineering or business.

Whether you are already raising your family here in Houston or are considering doing so, we hope this list has inspired you to explore and learn more about this fantastic community that Natran Green Pest Control calls home.

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