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7 Ways Natran Can Keep Your Home Healthy This Holiday Season

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As the holiday season rolls in you are likely thinking of shedding those Thanksgiving lbs., decorating your home and procrastinating on your Holiday shopping rather than keeping your home pest free. So here’s a few tips and reminders for our Natran family this holiday season:

7. Check your trees and decorations for bugs!!! See our recent blog on tips to accomplish this important task.

6. If your decorations are stored in card board boxes throughout the year, do not leave these boxes in closets or bedrooms until they go back into the attack, storage, or garage. Leaving them in the living quarters of your home will only draw in pests such as roaches to those areas.

5. Those spare bedrooms you have not entered in some time, step in and inspect them for excess dust and check for dead insects in window seals and light fixtures.

4. Change the linens if they have not been changed in a while. Dust can build up on pillows and comforters which you won’t see with the naked eye but can easily irritate ones sinuses. Additionally, small spiders seem to like taking cover underneath pillows and blankets which haven’t been disturbed in a while.

3. Here’s a tip which does not translate to most other places except for Houston. Yes it is the fall/winter but in Houston it has yet to get cold. Nowhere near freezing which means we still have plenty of pesky skeeters buzzing around. As always in Houston’s unpredictable climate make sure there is not any standing water outside of your home. The weather is cool enough to spend time outside but not cool enough to rid our yards of those mosquitoes.

2. Clean out your pantry and remove old, expired, and stale items such as chips, rice, cereal, bread. Not only are they major attractants to small bugs but if they have not been opened in a while…. You know the ones WAAAAY in the back… then there is a good chance you might find a dead bug in them. Its gross but it common and it happens!

1. The toughest chore of all, after eating way to much at your holiday dinner…. As tough as it may be… you HAVE to clean those dishes, take out the trash and make sure all food and scraps are cleaned up. Not cleaning up and leaving overnight makes your kitchen a bug and rodent attractant and a heaven if they do find it.

To get your home checked before the family starts arriving give us a call today!

Happy Holidays from Natran!

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