Beware Of Christmas Tree Stowaways

Happy Holidays Natran friends, family and to our wonderful clients!

Turkey day has come and gone and we have jumped right into our next holiday season! As we decorate our office here at Natran, and our staff discuss their decorated homes amongst themselves we have come across quite an interesting reminder in the news which directly relates to our duties to ensure a #Healthyhome for all of our Natran family.

We would like to take the time to spread some awareness regarding… you guessed it… Pests. Those Christmas trees and other “live” decorative items can hold a whole slew of bugs you do not want in your home. By bringing a Christmas tree into your home you could be exposing your home to up to 25,000 bugs!

To ensure your home stays pest free follow some of these tips below:

  1. Check your tree for bugs before entering the home
  2. Undersides of branches, crevices, etc
  3. Look for nests or other obvious signs of pest habitation
  4. If a pine tree be weary of bark beetles, preying mantises, and saw flies
  5. If you go with a Douglas-Fir tree check for spiders and mites.
  6. Neem oil is a great preventative step. Spray your tree down.
  7. Use a cloth, dust cloth or something of the sort to wipe down your tree for extra precaution

If you need a pest treatment or consultation gives us a call today!

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