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Houston Green Pest Control

Natran is Houston's premier Green Pest Control company! When you hire us, we will treat your home using green pest control products that are just as effective as conventional pesticides but are safe to use near pets and children. We are a Houston-based pest control company currently providing green pest control to areas including Pasadena, the Woodlands, Pearland, Sugar Land, Baytown, Conroe, and of course, Houston. We are committed to customer satisfaction and strive to deliver services which exceed your highest expectations.

Natran is a pesticide company that has been providing Houston green pest control for years. Simply put, our recipe works! If you find yourself in need of an exterminator or pest control, don’t call a company that will put your pet or children at risk. Instead, utilize the services of Natran, the trusted Houston pest control and green exterminators.

At some point you may find a need for Houston green pest control. Natran is a company that has the capacity to treat anything from pesky mosquitoes in the yard to indoor German roach problems. Upon your call to Natran, we will identify areas of vulnerability to pest invasion and create a customized plan to protect your home from pests. At that point we will determine which chemical compounds will be most effective in your plan. It’s not about total elimination of chemicals, but rather choosing the chemical compounds that are most effective while never compromising the safety of your pets or children. Our Houston green pest control recipes are natural compounds that are environmentally friendly and less toxic than conventional, synthetic insecticides.

If you are trying to tackle a mosquito problem on your own, let us take the lead. We can fog your yard in roughly 30 minutes giving you relief within 15 minutes of the treatment. This is one of the most popular services offered by our Houston green pest control company, Natran. It’s also a great service to schedule regularly from March through November! Our Houston green mosquito control service is by far one of our most popular to date.

Natran is also known as a leader in Houston termite control too. Our services are not limited to just these pests, though. We would be happy to come out to your area of residence to determine if there is any area that might be susceptible to an infestation of some sort. Upon that survey we can implement a plan designed to keep the pests at bay through Houston green pest control techniques. Our goal is to provide you with state-of-the-art preventative systems, with treatment only when needed. We do not want to introduce chemicals into your yard or home, unless it is absolutely necessary.

At Natran, the Houston green pest control company, we are happy to provide our customers with a number of pesticide and insecticide services. One of our most notable services is the Eco-Zone Pest Protection Plan. This plan is a comprehensive and ongoing full pest protection service. It uses only green pesticides to ensure your home maintains its good condition that discourages pests. It is also used in identifying the presence of pests before they become full infestations. The Eco-Zone Pest Protection Plan keeps your home and yard in pristine condition so you have more time enjoying your investment rather than worrying about which pests or insects may be encroaching in on it.

Contact Natran today to see which services you may benefit from. Trust only Natran for all of your safe extermination, pest control, and insecticide needs. Our services are second to none and our chemicals are safe for the environment as well as for use around pets and children.